Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack.


Totally didn't mean to drop off the face of the blog o' sphere
I did.

Here's the thing though,
I blame you.


Why is it when I told all of you that I was going back to school did not one of you caution me that this action would severely inhibit my blog time.

Anybody got my back?
Sister got no posse. 

I guess I should have mentioned that I am slightly {read: not medicated but probably should be} compulsive about my classes. I just finished my accelerated Humanities class and there were 420 points possible and I earned 434.


Extra credit.
Must get an A+ on every exam and research paper
it's how I roll. 
So wish I was this motivated early on in life.
But we won't dwell on that.

Now that I have my first course grade back, that leaves me currently swimming in the insanity that is biology.
Negative charge,
Molecular blah blittidy blah
I saved all my no-fun-make-me-crazy courses that I had to finish for the end.
If you are an 18 year old college student reading this....DO NOT DO THAT!
I beh-eg of you.
It will only serve to drive you to the edges of insanity in mid-life.

I have math coming up at the end of this month.
MATH people.

I may never blog again. 

Just kidding.
Nobobdy listens to my dribble like all of you.
Awwww, love!

Speaking of listening to me carry on,
my monthly post is up on NHBO today.

You can check that out right here.

After you tell me what I should do in regards to that post{please, I beg of you tell me what to do} head on over to my sweet friend Lori's blog and win an ipad all in the name of bringing home her son. She could use some help and letmetellya, that kiddo will be coming into an awesome, Jesus loving, serving, sweet, sweet family. Let's rally folks!

Talk soon!

Your edukatted friend,


  1. Congratualations on a successful class!!!! Told ya you could do it!!!!

  2. Okay, I commented on your NHBO post. And that whole overachiever thing totally explains the 7 kids. ;)

  3. Well, I don't have 7 kids (only 2 here!), but I feel your pain on the motherhood & school! I'm a full-time student studying sonography. I've got about a year & a half left. I just started clinical rotations last month & am now away from my family for at least 12 hours a day. It sucks. No, let me take that back- it sucks for today, but will be totally worth it when I'm finished! Good luck! It sounds like you can definitely handle it & do awesome!

  4. dude- if it's algebra-- i've got your back- my daughter just started algebra-- LOVE algebra!!!!!!! so you guys need to request a transfer to Colo Springs... pronto!

  5. I've got your back cuz I'm living in your shoes! It's tough--but worth it! I am currently finishing my MSW, but I am actually in my seventh year of college because I had to go back and finish my bachelor's first. One thing I regret--I graduated summa cum laude with a 3.98 and the reason I regret it is because those A's came at a price to my family in terms of stress and extra hours studying--NOT worth it-now that I am getting my master's I remember that "B's get degrees!" Hang in there Sonia! You will be a great social worker!

  6. YEAH! I'm so glad you are back! This is my first time commenting even though I have been following your blog for a little while now. Love your blog, your sense of humor, & style of writing! I was bummed each time I would check to see if there were new posts but am so glad it was school taking you away from the blog world and not something catastrophic. Thanks for sharing so many great insights with us. We are also a China adoptive family waiting for I-800a approval so we can get our dossier to China! Best of luck with the rest of your classes :) Erin Schmidt

  7. Well, congrats on the super grades. Sheesh! But we did think if you were smart enough to go back to school you would be smart enough to understand the whole time thing. Hehe!
    Love and miss you Soooooooo much!