Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 411 on our dual adoption

First off,

Ya'll rock.

You have brought a smile to my face with your incredibly encouraging comments! Thank you!
Here are the details of what we know so far:
  • Can't share kiddo #6's face until we receive PA..but he may or may not be hanging up in the living room and/or plastered over every surface in our home. So come on over and see!
  • We are moving forward with one dossier for both boys. Gotta love that....except I probably won't be seeing Sally in GZ. And that is a serious bummer in my book.
  • Name you ask Jean? Hmmmm....we are running out of J names but I still have a few in my pocket. I think a poll is in order! So step off to the sidebar and give me your two cents on his name!
  • Both agencies are still working out the details of how all of this is gonna go down. As you remember, the agency that has his file now lists him on their agency specific list since they held a camp there a few months ago. They have agreed to release his file to our agency but the practical logistics of how that will happen is giving me a headache. But it's all good; it just necessitates lots and lots of Tylenol.
Bottom line: We are excited! Ecstatic! I have watched God move in big, big ways in my life but to watch this enormous mountain move on the other side of His world has been in-cre-di-ble. When we first fell in love with these two we had NO idea that they were even in

-the same province
-much less the same orphanage
-much less the same foster home
-much less that it would turn out that they are best friends.

In all of China?
In all of the 8 million orphans in China.
In all of the provinces,
in all of the countless orphanages.
Simply amazing.

So what will it be like bringing home a 6 year old and a 7 year old at the same time only 7 months apart in age, one of which that is only 18 months younger than our twins?
No idea.
We are definitely jumping into the deep end of the adoption pool.
But last I checked.....
the deep end is exactly where He wants us.
Fully relying on Him.
I know that HE will be there to guide us through this. We know that we know that we know that this is His will for us.
And that's enough for me.


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay!!! You could still use James, but I like Jacob. I think it fits best with the others.

  2. I voted for my favorite name! I just love all the J's! I love that you are bringing 2 J's home at the same time! Still anxiously waiting to see his face!


  3. God is amazing! He is a God of details, there is no doubt! Keeping two little boys together amidst the sea of eight million Chinese orphans was obviously not a problem for Him!! Oh thank you Lord!

    The unknown of wondering what it will be like bringing these little guys home, has to be made easier by the fact that you KNOW that it is God's plan. Again, the deep end is not a problem for our God, He is already there waiting! :)

    I'm voting Jude!!

    One, because I LOVE the name!

    Two, because it means "praise" and "thanks"!! Wooohooo God!!

    And three, because it would give you two boys with "Ja--", two with "Jo--" and two with "Ju--" . . . and I tend to be a name geek, when it comes to things like that!

    Just in case you wanted my two cents. :)

    I'm so excited for you guys! Praying that the "sorting out" headache doesn't last long! Hurry up PA, we wanna see that little man's face!



  4. ah the deep end of the adoption pool...I like that! It's certainly where our entire family is right now. I thank God for the life preservers He gives us just when we need them. :) Can't wait to you get PA, so we can see the picture.

  5. LOvin it! Your right where you are supposed to be- not havin a clue what you are doin BUT trusting him!!

    Can't wait for PA and his picture!!

    Only God could orchestrate all of this!!

    Need to think on the name but will vote soon!!

  6. Sonia, I have known you since... well.. since you babysat my oldest when she was in diapers and the twins were still nice and cozy growing snuggly in your belly! and she is getting braces on now - lol...
    if i were to look at any two people .. and say who is awesome enough to raise two babies/children/6 &7 yr old at a time.. I would say you and John! I am so happy God chose you for them and them for you - a perfect match ;o) and it is so exciting watching all this unfold! Just exciting!
    awesomeness I tell ya!

  7. This is so much fun to watch unfold!!! Yippee for you and two more boys!!! Disappointed that we wont' be meeting up in GZ but happy for you!!!

    Sounds like we will be able to mail in our I800A on Monday....finally!!!

  8. I have just read your story on the 2 boys and WOW- what a ride!!
    I can't believe how fast you've gotten everything done!
    Good job.
    Your boys are from the same orphanage- Longgang, as my sweet Isabella.
    Many blessings!!