Thursday, December 8, 2011

How It's Really Going.



8 months.
3 adoptions.
Jacob and Joey home on January 29th, 2011.
Joshua home on September 24th, 2011.

The realization of that escapes me

I think at some point when we are out of this season I will look back and wonder


But for now?
It just feels like us.
It feels just like our family.
It just feels like I cook for 9 people every morning and every night.
And wipe an inordiante amount of pee off of the toilet seat.
And if you are thinking to yourself, "Wow. She sure talks about pee a lot."
I do. 
It's my reality.
My pee-pee reality.

I'd say our biggest hiccup has been Jacob
our leader
our ridiculously smart and talented kiddo
feeling very responsible for Joshua.
As if he feels the need to take care of him
and to keep it real
boss him around periodically
in Chinese. 

And in case you didn't know....
I don't speak Chinese
but I want them to.
So I have learned to compensate for my Chinglishignorance by being tuned in to tones, facial expressions, body language....
all cues that someone is being a tad bit....ahem....bossy.

All 3 are once again fluent.

They speak English during the day at school
but the moment that bell rings and they are reunited once again it is Chinese
straight up.

They amaze me how they can be talking to each other in Chinese and then turn to me
flip that switch
and speak to me in English.
I wan 2 bee dat smart win i groww up.

Medically Joshua is doing amazingly well.
You would never
look at him and  know what he has been through.
He has been cleared by his cardiologist until after the new year which will be our longest period of time without a checkup...nearly 5 weeks.
His brand spu-anking new pulmonary valve will last anywhere from 1 to 3 to 7 years or anywhere in between.
Every valve wears out at different rates for every person.
Impossible to predict.
So we watch.
And wait.
And live.
And love.

Adopting Joshua has been such a different experience than it was with Jacob and Joey.
They came to us hurting.
Having been through more than any child should
their scars were evident
and real
and raw.
This made for some challenging days when they first came home.
And to see them now
nearly 1 year later
the healing is remarkable.
The wounds are there
but they are slowly being covered and buried by love.

Joshua came from such a different place.
One day I will sit and write out my thoughts on adopting from a foster home vs an orphanage.
The difference in our case has been incredible.
3 boys.
All the same age.
But from 2 different situations.
It's a whole new ball game.

Joshua is much more innocent.
Much more unaware.
And in a lot of ways

I'm not sure if that's what has made this transition go seamlessly
or if it's what he went through that first month in America
that caused him very quickly to rely on us and gave us a big opportunity to care for him in very real ways
or if it's my off the hook parenting skillz
that was sarcasm. 
Just so ya know.
Or if it's just his happy go lucky personality,
I just don't know what it is.
But regardless,
homeslice is happy to be here.
He loves,
he laughs,
he wrestles,
he eats,
and eats,
and eats
and he pees on the toilet seat.

So that's the scoop on wassup with us.
3 new stockings hanging by the tree
3 boys that have never experienced Christmas
and one special kiddo with an 8th birthday coming up on December 17th.




  1. Ahhh, I just love your blog!! You crack me up!! Sounds like you're doing a FANTASTIC job, mama :O). God picked the PERFECT family for these boys.. He sure knows what He's doing up there!!

  2. Great update, Sonia. So reassuring to hear that things are ok. We are jumping in and adopting a 7 year old...she is older than our previously adopted kiddos and we just don't know what that is going to do to the so called balance that we have. Your journey brings me hope, which happens to be our new daughter's middle name!


  3. Awesome update! Thank you so much for sharing, and so glad you and yours are transitioning so well!

  4. Sonia, Do you have ANY idea of what you and your family have done? Really. Sit and think about it after you finish wiping the toilet seats. Joshua looks amazing and PINK. I am completely inspired and may adopt 10 more because of you.

  5. I just knew from the moment I met him that he would fit perfectly in a family of lots of boys! Spunk-meister for sure. BTW Now that we have switched to English, we are getting stories including how JM finished EVERYBODY else's you didn't see that coming.

  6. I'm soooo happy to be a follower of your blog, and family. You totally inspire me :) Merry Christmas.

  7. What a gorgeous face!!!! It blesses my heart to read this post!! So happy for all of you!!!Glory to God on high!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh my word in the mornin' girl! It is SOOOO good to hear from you...uh..hmmm...well, I missed you! :) Glad to hear everyone is doing fab! :) Got all choked up reading about the boys. :) Hugs to you my dear! Love, love, love that you're back to bloggin' and talkin' about pee. ;-)

  9. I am just sooooo happy that things are going so wonderfully! I'm sure that it's exhausting at times, but isn't it fun?!!!

    Our Grace was in foster care, and no doubt about it, there is a WORLD of difference!

  10. Amazing! Only you can cause me to well up with tears then laugh out loud in the next line. You inspire. Our God ROCKS!

  11. Great update! So wonderful to see those three miracles about to celebrate Christmas. Joshua looks amazing. We are looking forward to hearing some of that awesome Chinglish in the next few months when our two boys come home. Thanks for sharing your story...always gives me encouragement and hope.

  12. I'm so encouraged to hear how incredible everything has been.
    I pray for you often, Sonia. The boys just look incredible.
    Praising God with you,
    Press On!

  13. I really enjoyed this post. I am less than 45 minutes away from meeting our guide to go meet our new 13 year old son, Cameron in Wuhan. In tow is our newly adopted 14 year old son, Colin to help with the transition. Two older boy adoptions in less than 4 months. Phew! As I am the only female in the house, I can completely relate the the bathroom fixation! Thanks for sharing! Angie

  14. Oh, Sonia, they are just so darn cute. My goodness. Love the pics. Loved this post, too. I stand amazed at what the Lord has done in their lives and in your lives in this year. Amazing. As we get ready to go get Isabel (hopefully early to mid February...our visa paperwork was cabled to Guanzhou today) I look ahead with great anticipation, but also that sense of "my life is about to change drastically am I ready for this?" I know I'm not. But by his strength, we will be! I think of you often and still pray for your gang. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  15. Love it!!! Isn't God's grace so amazing?

    Excited to see you are back in the blogging saddle again! ;). You give me hope
    that maybe I could do another post one day, lol.

  16. Oh, Sonia! Joshua really does look TOTALLY amazing! How peacefully happy. So excited about everything (except the nail salon chatting--that's going to get hairy in their teens!!!) Christmas blessings to you all. And a very happy birthday to Joshua. How fun!!!

    Hugs and loves...

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