Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wanna Be His Momma?

He's 1 1/2.

1 & 1/2 and he doesn't have a family to call his own.

His special need?

Tetrology of Fallot. (heart defect)
One of Joshua's special needs.

Make a difference.
Save a life. 

He needs you.

Wanna know more about TofF?
Call me.
Text me.
Email me.
Skype me.


Let's get this baby a family.

For more information on little Quinn contact Lifeline Adoptions (205) 967-0811 or go here:


  1. Oh Gracious! He is beautiful!!! If we weren't already waiting on LOA for our 2 boys....maybe when we get home...? :-)

  2. Girl, if we weren't already trying to bring home our two, I'd go get that little one! :)

  3. And now is when i wish i was older, had money, and could adopt! Age restrictions suck ):
    if only i could convince my parents to add one more kiddo into our already crazy family.
    Praying someone opens their heart for this sweet boy <33

  4. Praying for this little one! We're in the process of bringing home 2 little ones right now and can't wait to get them home! Someone please give this little one a home, so cute!

  5. ohhhh Sonia - so praying for this little guy with you! Thank you for sharing his photo and more about him! I may have to contact you about TOfF.

  6. This is the second time I've seen someone link a lifeline baby...the first was David Platt. We live in the South but I had never heard of this agency until a few weeks ago.

    We just lost our son in Kunming to ToF last month. We are devastated. But more committed than ever to bring home a heart baby boy from China. We are already with an agency though. And we love them. Still, this little one needs a family. And we so want another son. Will be praying. Thanks for sharing.

    For His fame~

  7. Ahhhh my heart!! I wish we were old enough for China :O(... I have come across sooo many waiting children there who we would LOVE to make ours. I'll be counting down the days until we are both the big 3-0!!

  8. Oh wow, what a cutie!

  9. I am so thankful that you are all doing well. This little boy melts my heart and I know so many children who have TOF and are doing very well. We will pray for a Mama and Daddy for him! We have some good news...we have been matched with our little girl! We ARE SO EXCITED!!! We hope to travel in June (just in case you were wondering...I am NOT good at waiting! :) Thanks for keeping us updated. I look forward to hearing about your beautiful family. God is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I spoke about about you all on Orphan Sunday at our church :) and about what God has done in your life and in your family's life. More people are asking us about adoption and it is very exciting! Would love to meet you on one of your Gainesville visits. Merry Christmas to your family! Angela

  10. He's been matched:)

    Lori Saylor

  11. I miss your blog updates! I pray all is well for you and your beautiful family!

  12. Praise God he has been matched. Just came on from China with our daughter on December 30th. Told my husband we might need to go back and get this precious boy. God is so good.

  13. Hey Sonia,
    Just wanted you to know that you all come to my mind and when you do, I pray for you. I know you are busy! Hope you enjoy every minute.

  14. This little one is simply precious! I hope his family finds him soon.

    LOL! I'm living in a world of the Pee Pee Reality, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just found your blog and I'll read it over the next few days and get to *know* you! I'm gearing up to lock a file after CNY of a darling 13 yr. old girl. The only thing standing between us is one dossier (won't take long) and a ton of money (begging, garage saling, fund raising). How in the world did you do 3 adoptions in 8 months. If there is something I need to learn about coming up with money, now is the time!!!

  15. OK sooo...I really want to get a hold of you....about the foster care/adoption ministry starting at The Crossing!!!! BUT I have no email or phone I am leaving a message!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hello Sonia, I just wanted to leave a comment to let you know that you and all your guys continue to be lifted in prayer. We have never met but I have been blessed by following your adoption journey. I am sure that life is just crazy busy with 7 boys in the house but wanted to say I miss your posts and hope that all is well. -Alison

  17. I am missing updates on your blog soooooo much. Is everything okay?