Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Response

I gotta admit
I started to wonder.

Should I give her these things?
Should I put aside her {very obvious} immediate needs and form a friendship first and then work my way into an avenue in which I could help her?
What if she is completely embarrassed and I cause her shame. 
Will I offend her?
Should I...
Should I...
Will I.....
Will I....
What if....
What if....

In the end
with the prompting of the Holy Spirit
I decided
to go with it.

Knowing that building a friendship with her is going to part of this
but also knowing that she has some immediate needs that I can help meet.

I dropped the bag off at my professor's office before class on Thursday.

We had a test last Thursday and I ended up finishing mine before she did so I didn't get to see her sweet face but I did come home later in the day to this email from my professor:

"H" had the biggest smile on her face when I gave her your gifts. I told her that
somebody loves her and her eyes lit up. Then she asked, "Really?" By the way, 
she doesn't own a computer, but she has easy access to one due to the 
vicinity of her living quarters.
Thank you again for caring and demonstrating that you care."
Her. eyes. lit. up. 

The professor? Doesn't know Jesus. 
"H"? I don't know if she knows Him. 

But maybe just maybe they both got a little glimpse into His work and His 
Somebody really does love them both. 

And His name is Jesus. 
And I think this tiny little experience has taught me to stop being so 
wrapped up and concerned that I am going to offend. 
Love. With. Reckless. Abandon. 
I'm all in.  

Thank you everyone for praying for "H", I will keep you posted as I get to 
know her more throughout the rest of the semester. 

In other news, ignore the wacky font(s)....blogger has apparently not had
it's coffee this morning and is protesting and since I am blogging instead
of studying for a quiz I have later this morning I'd better just 
leave it alone. Boo. 


  1. Awesome.
    You are amazing. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit.
    And what a weekend!!!!
    Can't wait to do it again!! Because I know I'll need to have another lesson.
    : )

  2. Love. Love. Love. Listening to the Holy Spirit always seems to work, doesn't it??? Thanks for sharing and look forward to more posts about "H." God is good. This makes for a perfect Lenten story!!!

  3. Love this update!

    Love this story....can not wait to see how it unfolds in the coming months.

    Blessings, my friend!

  4. Good for you, obey the voice of God. Love like you're not afraid.

  5. Oh so glad you went ahead and started to met her needs - by no way would you want to offend but I wonder sometimes how many people miss opportunities to help others due to fear of offending
    Thank you!
    What a blessing all around! Still praying for her and you!


  6. So glad you followed your heart!! I am sure the Holy Spirit is working in her :-)

  7. YAY GOD!!

    Way to go Sonia! You go girl!


  8. This is so awesome! I know that second-guessing--it can be uncomfortable, risky, even embarrassing to bless someone, not knowing how they'll receive it. But you did it anyway. Well done! And it sounds like she was so pleased! I'm so happy!