Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Little Post I Like to Call

Going to College with Teenagers. 

Seeing how I am nearly a senior citizen {she said sarcastically....
This experience of going to school wit them there youngens' has been ummm.....interesting.

A few observations for you:

  • They sometimes wear their pajama pants to class. Wait, what?  When did this become ok?
  • They sometimes wear shirts that aren't fully shirts. It's at this point that I have to restrain myself from walking up to these young ladies, pulling up their tops and knitting them a quick afghan while I simultaneously explain the virtue of modesty. This is hard for me. a so not joking way....this is so hard for me. They are such sweet girls for the most part but they just have not been taught to protect what should be protected.....
  • Two of them were amazed yesterday that I had a FaceBook account. Hahahahaha still makes me laugh.Wait till they find out I don't ride a horse and buggy to class, that'll really freak em out.
  • When someone sneezes in class about 28 of them will all say "Bless You." This intrigues me. At first I thought maybe they were all being hazed for some fraternity but now I realize it's just kinda what they do.
  • They are on their phones all the live long day.
  • They are on their laptops all the live long long day.
  • They think I'm cool. Holla.
  • One of them complimented my shoes the other day, asked to try them on and then said (I'm so NOT kidding), "So cute! You have fat feet just like me!" Ummmm.....thanks? 
  • They eat almost as much as I do. I love this about them.
  • They always have some new scented Bath & Body Works lotion with them, and they share. I love this about them.
  • They remind me what it is was like yesterday when I was 19 {cough cough} and how passionate you can be about what you think you believe.
  • When they are sick and come to class looking like they need their mommies it is ALL I can do to not rush over and pat their back, brush the hair out of their face and run home to make a crock pot of chicken soup. I do that for my own kids? Note to self: Find out how to make chicken soup out of a can crockpot. 

And that's the what what on going to college with teenagers. At which point I come home to teenagers. Perhaps I should be majoring in ya know that a thing?

Social worker in training Sonia.


  1. you're back. your funny laugh out loud posts are back :) and who wouldn't be your friend??? you are beyond awesome and likable!!!! :)

  2. I want you to come to Kansas and entertain me! Seriously, I have been cooped up in our house or out having chemotherapy and I need some good long belly laughs! I am about to lose it here...oh well I did lose my job and my mind will be close behind it. I need help woman!!!

  3. oh my gosh i so wish i went to college with you!! You seem so awesome! (:
    In my class that people that are a lot older than me are not cool at all ): they don't even try to socialize with us lol

  4. I'm one of those teenage college students (in a totally different state) and those are all so true! Although I seem to be in a strange school where no one ever sneezes and we're all bundled up in coats for the frigid Texas winter.

  5. Preach it girl! Going to school as an "older" student & dealing with the teeny-boppers is like a time warp. The only thing I think that is different for me is that I'm attending a Christian school, so there is a dress code & no nearly-not-there shirts (at least on campus). But, pajama pants- check. Slippers as "real" shoes- check. Complaining about how "huge" they look in their size XS scrubs- check. :)

  6. Haha, fat feet. This post is so totally rad (or whatever the teen equivalent) to that is.