Wednesday, November 6, 2013

That Day That Baby Pictures Appeared in My Inbox.

Do you love it when Chinese characters appear in your inbox?
I do.
I so totally do. 

Bestill my heart.
It's baby Jacob

and toddler Joey.

Anybody have a minute to turn his pants right side out and not backwards? Anybody?

These and the other 8 pictures that came with them today are my new favorite screen savers.
If only I'd known them then...
if only.

I can't tell you how weird it is to look at baby pictures of your own children that you didn't know.
It's weird.
Like weird weird.
Like can't quite wrap your mind around it type weird.
Like hello, some kind Chinese man that I don't know is holding my baby in a toy store.  
Number of times a kind random Chinese man-stranger held my biological children in a toy store: 0.

The amount of time I spend thinking about how our worlds would collide years after these pictures were taken baffles me even still.
It begs me to wonder what I was doing around this time.
What was I doing that day?
The twins would have been around 18 months,
Jason and Jordan would have been 4 & 5,
we were living in the vast frozen wasteland of North Dakota at Grand Forks AFB and I was probably snowed in and alone.
The idea that there were two babies in China that would 7 years later be calling me mom would have not been even a thought in my sleep deprived little head.

It's craziness.
Pure craziness.
{But ridiculously cute nonetheless.} 


  1. Beautiful baby boys. I'm sorry you didn't know them then, but happy that you have them now!
    Lindy D.

  2. Sadly Chinese characters do not show up in my inbox. : (
    But I am happy they were in yours! ; )
    See ya on the other side of the globe, girl!!!
    Love ya!

  3. Sonia, why did Stacy say, "See ya on the other side of the globe, girl!!!" Anything you might
    want to share? (smile) mm, Vancouver, wa.

  4. I need this hook up. I think it's time we had some telephone time again.

  5. Sonia-how did you get the photos? Did you ask/beg for them? I've been begging the SWI for 3 years and still nothing from them? Let us in on your secret, please!

  6. Love this. I've had the same thoughts... Crazy weird.