Friday, November 11, 2011

Hospitals Shhmospitals.

Thank you Lori for updating the masses.....or the 5 people that perhaps still read this blog since I have been so neglectful of it....whicheva the case may be.

We are home.



Home of the brave
and land of the free from IV beeping at unheard hours of the night.

Joshua is doing great.
I know.
I know
I know
I keep saying that.
I think I need a word other than great.
I need a thesauraus.

Ok here we go.
Joshua is doing
formidable....oooo I like that one
"How is Joshua doing?"
"Formidable! Thanks for asking!"

We had quite the day last Tuesday....errr... Monday?.....err Wednesday?.....I dunno.
Time escapes me.
As Lori so eloquently told the story, we almost had two kids in two hospitals two hours apart.
Alrighty then.
It takes a lot to rattle me....but I'll tell ya. That about did it.
But alas, Jordan did not have appendicitis and has since bounced back from whatever it was he did have.

Joshua's infection is ever so slowly beginning to clear up.
Massive amounts of IV antibiotics and a silver patch seem to be working.

I had no idea that silver was an antimicrobial.
But indeed
tis true.
He has a little patch on the outside of the infected area that is taking care of the infection from the exterior whilst the antibiotics work their magic from the inside.
It looked pretty yucky early last week but now is beginning to heal.

Did you want to see that?
Is that gross?
My bad.

We are still having a hard time getting skin to grow over his now open wound but that will come at some point.

He's really not feeling well

I lie.
He feels amazing!....errr....formidable!

He still continues to fit into our family beautifully.
The jump from 6 to 7 kids hasn't really phased us.
It's an extra plate at the table
It's more hugs to give
It's one more carseat.
But man oh man I can't help but think about had we missed out on the privilege to parent him and get him the medical care he needed...
I shudder to think.

The only real issue we have run into thus far is that he has to pee a few times a night and instead of getting up out of his bed to go he prefers to lay there and fake cry/scream to wake me up to go with him.

I may or may not have taken to bribing him with a piece of candy the following day if he gets up by himself.

Parenting at it's finest. 


But I can neither confirm nor deny the aforementioned candy incident(s).

And don't look now.
But I feel my blogging bug coming back.
More updates a comin.

In other news,
you simply must head over here. 
And enter to win yoself a brand new video camera.
The proceeds from this raffle will help 3 people that are pretty special to me and have a huge heart for the orphan.
A new video camera
And helping the orphans of this world.


  1. I still love reading your blog as well as Lori's...:)..I am so glad everything is going well with Joshua and also Jordan..Heck I am glad your whole "team" is well..LOL..Thanks for thinking of us in your little ole boring life...haha..:)

  2. I had to wipe a butt for 2 months until I shook myself silly and said, "Why am I wiping the bottom of an 8 year old?" Apparently they still need to go through those stages with us.:) BTW, what happens with the clubbing now that Joshua is new and improved?

  3. Great news!

  4. I would love to hear more about the silver. We are dealing with an infection too - on our sons cleft lip surgery site. Not sure if a silver patch can go there. Is it a homeopathic remedy?

    keep the updates coming!

  5. Oh how I love these updates.... glad to hear the blogging bug is back! :)

  6. Pinch me!
    Is that boy really home havin a good ol' time with his bros!?!

    It's for real, isn't it! Awesome!!

    I love that he always seems to have weapon in his hand! Smart boy! He's gotta protect himself!!

  7. Thanks for the update.... FINALLY sheesh :) hehe just teasing.... C'mon it is not like you are busy or anything.... Glad your blogging bug is coming back.... You are quite uplifting. I need uplifting right now!!


  8. So glad you're back from the hospital and everything is great! :) I love seeing that sweet boys pink lips and fingers. I could stare at them all day. :) Glory to God! :)

  9. Thankful for the great ... uh I mean "formidable" news! You continue to inspire us!

  10. Sonia, I can vouch for several of us adoptive moms here in blustery CT that your blog IS being read. Our church in South Windsor was praying for your son and family during his trip home and surgery. Of course we are still praying and enjoying your posts. Keep it have a cheering section in New England!

  11. Sooooooo very glad your blogging bug has bitten again!!! I do so love seeing your family. Glad Joshua is feeling better. (If he keeps stomping on Jordan, though, you might be back at the hospital!

  12. So glad you are all home again. You continue to amaze me, my friend. Always happy to read your updates and always finish with a smile on my face. Please pray for our Lilly, who finished her last round of oral abx last week and started fevering last night. Praying it is viral and not a recurrence of her infection. I was just hoping recently that the USAF might someday allow us to be neighbors. What a hoot that would be!

  13. What a daring post -- minus the graphic photo of course!

    And what sweet boys . . . all seven of them!

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