Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Move over Sonia... I've got this!

Dear fellow "His Hands, His Feet" addicts and posse' members:  
Let me be clear as I begin....
(I know that little typing trick might have thrown you off... but it's true... definitely NOT Sonia, or you would NOT be reading a post on this blog right now!!!  Sorry Sonia... I know the truth must hurt!)

I am, instead, one of you!..  and so beyond discouraged and disgusted by the lack of any notable blogging efforts on Sonia's part... that I have hijacked her login info and decided to do it MYSELF!  People say that my writing skills are better under the influence of Ambien, so Sonya's only request was that I be sure to take a double dose before writing this post.  I agreed, as I will have no remembrance of anything I have written here "under the influence" of Ambien and can not be held personally responsible for any of it! It must be working, because at the moment, I honestly don't remember if I already took tonight's dose or not!  :-)   

So "addicts"... here's your "fix" for the night!  Enjoy!

Apparently, today started out like most other days in the Martin household... I've never been there and I can't really imagine it either, but I'll try...

Plan A: Get hubby and six boys out the door to work and school and then head with child #7 (aka:Joshua) directly to Gainesville for another glorious evening of chair/bed non-sleeping in all-too-familiar hospital to finally get that chest wound that is leaking nastiness taken care of.  

Plan B:  Child #2 (aka:Jordan) decides that today might be a good day to have a suspected appendicitis attack, so that Mom can make a pit-stop at a local hospital for a CT scan and possible appendectomy BEFORE driving to all-too-familiar hospital for child #7 wound care...

Plan C:  Since "flat Sonia" is unavailable today to be in two places at one time... the decision is made that should Child #2 need to be admitted to local hospital, Child #7 would share a room with him and receive drugs for nasty incision there instead!  

Plan D:  After MANY hours of diagnostic treatment, Child #2 is cleared to go home... while Child #7 has a post-open-heart surgery incision that is getting more nasty by the hour and needs immediate attention.  After taking a quick look around local hospital... Sonia decides that it is much more luxurious than the all-too-familiar hospital that was expecting her arrival earlier today!  A phone call or two later... and Child #7 was admitted at that most luxurious, now "undisclosed" location, that is reported to have full-sized couches that pull out into comfy beds, a personal sized television for parent's viewing pleasure, a flat screen TV mounted to the wall for Prince Joshua, a beautiful bathroom complete with a full sized tub and shower, and a bay window overlooking Tampa Bay...  No, it's not the Ritz Carlton... but Sonia's got the whole night there alone with ONE child and her own personal TV screen, while the other six (I mean seven) boys slug it out at home!  Rumor has it that John is already inquiring when she might return home tomorrow...  I'd tell him to not hold his breath...  Sonia might ask Child #7's cardiologist if they can stay a few more nights!!!

Sonya has asked that in lieu of cards and flowers, you send bath salts and scented candles, or simply dial up room service (aka: nurses station) and send up something yummy!

Attached are a few photos to prove that this insanely crazy day DID indeed occur and that though my somewhat witty presentation of the facts might make things sound extremely light-hearted and fun...  Sonia could really use our prayers for a quick return to "normal" at home once again!  :-)

~You're an incredible mom, Sonia and a very brave friend to entrust your blog to me tonight!  Know that you are loved and have so many standing in the gap on your behalf!  

Hugs from your "ghost-writer", 

Sweet dreams, Joshua!  We pray you'll be home again soon!


  1. I'm thinking, "Oh, my goodness!" when it occurs to me that this stuff is probably normal with 7 boys. But I'm oh so glad I had 1 girl!!! Blessings, Sonia. Thanks for letting your ghost writer take over so we will know what to pray. So thankful you are in great hospital digs so near to home.

  2. Lori, thanks for the update for Sonia! Praying for sweet family, especially child#7 and the Mama Sonia!

  3. When one goes to the hospital they all go...oh that is my house too.

  4. Oh Sonia, I'm praying for you!

  5. It's like a regular episode of Days of Our Lives around your house...or maybe Grey's Anatomy. Either way...hang in there, girl. Praying for you guys.
    Love you!

  6. Keeping all of you in our prayers.

  7. Thank you Lori and thank you Sonia!

    Yes indeed Sonia is an awesome Mom and we will be praying for her and her crew- especially Joshua!!

  8. Thanks Lori!! Great Writing!! I've learned that when I visit Sonia's blog, I leave my coffee out of arms reach, as she has managed to make me spit it all over the screen from laughing! You did not disappoint!!!!

    Our prayers are with you Sonia, and your family!


  9. Thanks Lori for the update. It was great and pretty darn entertaining! I like your writing.... 'under the influence'.....of (what?)a double dose of Ambien, too funny!!! lol

    Prayers for Sonia and kiddos!!!


  10. He he he he..... that was a fun way to put- MANY PRAYERS NEEDED PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Consider it done- PRAYING for you all to heal and return to more normalcy :)

  11. Thank you Lori for making it humorous and we will be praying for normality (i.e. BORING) to return!

  12. Sonia, I pray for you every single day, but now I am praying even harder!!! You are an amazing inspiration to me!

  13. Thanks Lori! I agree with the coffee cup comment. Look forward to another hijacked update tonight!

  14. Praying for "uneventful" days to coem! But where are the pics of the tub?!
    -Rachel in MS

  15. thx for the update lori.
    not near as dramatic...i dragged 5 kids (10 and under) through xray and 2 dr visits to track down a sprained/black and blue collar bone. on a very small scale...i feel your joy.
    carry on my friend.

  16. Well done Lori and thanks! Geeze Sonia that was just an insane day! God must know you are one tough cookie. Luckily we know he will never leave us nor forsake us! Praying you are having an uneventful day and get some rest tonight!

  17. lori ... you did not disappoint.
    thank you for the update.
    great writing.
    and sonia ... you can count on us addicts to continue to cover your precious family in prayer.
    love & blessings,

  18. More addicted to this blog than to coffee. That says it all. Praying for you, sweet friend! And your gaggle of boys, healthy and hospitalized.

  19. Oh my! That is one heck of a day! So glad Jordan is doing fine and thank you Lori for the update. Been praying for Joshua so much! Keep us posted, Sonia - in ALL your free time. LOL! I've been awful at blogging and I only have 2 kids!