Friday, November 4, 2011


I have a disease.
A computer aversion disease.

Has anyone else ever suffered through this?
Am I alone?
After 3 adoptions in 9 months
hours of compulsive email checking
blog surfing
20 days in the hospital with a laptop as my only source of contact with the outside world
and yet even more email checking
I can't bare it.

I can't bring myself to spend time in front of this.

But you?
I like you.
And you have harassed me enough with text messages, voicemails and FB threats to come beat down my door that I know
I know I owe you an update.

So it is my love and thankfulness of all of you that brings me to my recliner
with a hot cuppa coffee
and this computer to ignore the rest of the unpacking for just a bit to give you an update.

He's great.

No really.

He's SO great.

It's been awhile
like 14 years
since we have grown our family by only one child.

I forgot how easy one is.

I'm not at all pro or anti dual adoptions.
I am Switzerland when it comes to the issue.

But I will say this.
1 is SO much easier than 2.

And even with the relatively smooth transition we had with Jacob and Joey
this is even easier.

He fits right in
He talks up a storm in Mandarin with the boys
He runs
He plays
He goes to Chinese school on Sundays
And as of last week he goes to regular school each day with his brothers
Here's a picture of his first day

Ok so maybe I don't have it all together quite yet.
I forgot to take a picture.

I'm tellin ya.
Homeslice is amazing.
He's stubborn don't get me wrong....
but he's amazing nonetheless.

7 Boys.
God cracks me up.


  1. I would like to be the first to say thank you. I know how hard aversions are to overcome. You are so fantastic. God has blessed us all with your writing and we just needed a tiny bit to carry us through. Maybe you could just do a Monday Minute thing until you are healed of your disease. Or even just a weekly picture. Sooooo good to see Jack and Justin too. Love you! Lisa

  2. So glad that you are back and posting again! I have missed you. So glad that Joshua is doing so well. Glad all of you are doing well.

    Well, we just announced that we are jumping into the adoption thing again. Adopting #3. I've gone from completely overwhelmed to complete peace to completely overwhelmed and on and on! I know you can relate!

    Hope your disease is not a long term thing or I will have to whip out my flat Sonia!


  3. He looks so GOOD! Glad for your a peek into cyber world and that you took a minute to let your feet touch the ground! Good job, momma! How is school going?

  4. Thanks for the you get your own bathroom?

  5. Tears. . . Oh the joy of seeing Joshua as a "normal" kid goofing around with his brothers. Not Joshua waiting . . . not Joshua with the blue lips and the oh so scared face . . . not Joshua with tubes and wires . . . just Joshua. Oh thank you Lord for "just Joshua-- another one of those cool Martin boys"!

    Thank you Joshua's mama for making the time to update us. You're the best! :)

    Love from Texas~


  6. I actually have avoided harassing you (this time) because I figured there may be one or two things on your plate after your LONG stint in the hospital, moving, and adjusting to 7 boys in the house!!!

    So awesome to read this post!!! :) Thank you for taking the time (and getting over your aversion) to share with us!!!

    So happy to hear that he is adjusting so well and I'm sure it helps that the 3 boys can speak Mandarin to each other - are you picking it up yet?!? Hugs and continued prayers!!!

  7. If you want us to remain on good terms you'll have give up the info and updates a bit more often...Why I oughta! HA!

    To be honest you don't owe us nothing! Nothing....Seriously, its been an honor to pray for your sons! I truly feel blessed by seeing miracles happen!

    Go and enjoy your life and when you think of us once in awhile you share what's on your heart but please know that you owe us no explanations! Most of us just "get" it!

  8. I have 3 boys (1 is 22) but none-the-less I can only imagine 7!!! And they all look wonderful and so much like a happy family!! I am so glad everything is going so good for you.

  9. Yea! So glad you all are doing great! What a huge blessing! All the boys look amazing and quite handsome! :)

  10. Thank you for the update. We have been praying for your family. What an inspiration you all are! We should be traveling sometime in December to bring our daughter home from China. God does work miracles through adoption.

  11. I love the update!! I also love that God cracks you up ;)

  12. Thanks for the update! It's not like you have anything else to do with your time...ha!

  13. Girl, I was starting to wonder if the 7 over took you and tied you up! :) Love seeing the BEAUTIFUL coloring on JJ!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! :) Hugs, I missed ya! :)

  14. God love you Sonia! I don't blame you for not wanting to sit in front of a computer when you have all those sweet (yet somewhat smelly) boys to look at!!! JoRie

  15. Sooooo thankful that all is well and that Joshua is doing great! God is so good!!

  16. So glad ya'll are doing well! I do need your adress though lady!
    -Rachel V.

  17. Thank you for remembering us.
    Rejoicing with you ... and yours!
    God is good ... and oh so funny!

  18. Sweet friend, thank you for the update. I think we were all beginning to worry. So delighted to know everything is going so well. Only you would say that a seventh son is "so easy". Love the pictures! Love the lack of blue!! Still just love my Joey!!! Look at his smile:) Wish I could be a fly on the wall.
    Donna O.
    p.s. Will you please give us and update and explanation when Joshua goes back to Gainesville for his follow-up?

  19. SOOO GLAD everything is going well!!!! :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!

    So when are you going to get some pink going on? he he he ......

    See you at church? :)

  20. Thanks for posting an update! I've been stalking your blog. OF course it's not like you're busy or anything...LOL! I only have 4 boys and they keep me hopping! So glad Joshua's doing well!

  21. Oh Sonia, I LOVE LOVE LOVE and MISS yall. Please come home to Montgomery, I miss yall so much!

  22. So happy to see that boy thriving in your home of testosterone!!! Maybe I just need to add another boy to our mix and I wouldn't need to be buying it in a cream!!

    Post when you can, enjoy all that you can!!!

  23. I'm so glad things are going so well and I missed ya!