Monday, February 20, 2012

Breaking the Silence

....but I have NO idea where to begin.

Happy 8th birthday Joshua?
Merry 1st Christmas to Jacob, Joey and Joshua?
Happy New Year?
Happy 1st Gotcha day Jacob and Joey?
Happy Valentines Day?
Happy your heart scar has turned into a keloid scar and it's ginormous day?

No idea.

No idea where to start.

I'm thinking I'll just pretend that I have not committed the wretched sin of not blogging for 2 months 
and that you are just all caught up on the goings on of us.

Because really
to try and explain all that has transpired in the last few months to make this sweet child
go from this

to this

is waaay beyond my abilities.

So let's just pretend that we are old friends who chat on the phone everyday mkay?


Super, so I'll talk to you tomorrow about our weekend with Paul Newman's legacy, the Hole in the Wall Camp.
That's all I gotta say.


  1. well if i had known that just harassing you on FB would get a post out of you-- i would have done it AGES ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back to bloggy land.... your passport has NOT expired:) love ya!!!!!!!!!

  2. Saw your husband yesterday. Told him to tell you to start blogging. It seems he listened to me and you listened to him. I take all the credit for this post being written.

  3. Definitely missed you! Glad you and your crew are doing well...thanks for coming back!

  4. Missed you and your fabulousness!
    Glad things are good. Prayed that everyone was ok during your LOOOONNNGGG absence. Sheri

  5. YAY...your back!!! You have been missed!!!

  6. Woohooo!!! Ahhh...welcome back friend! :)

  7. Good Lord, those photos do say it all. Thank you SO much for a post, despite your busy life doing the Mom job that you should be. And you are obviously quite good at:)

  8. Welcome back! I've missed you!

  9. Those pictures say it all!! Now if only you could try to keep posting...we'd all love to hear from you.

  10. HAVE MISSED YOU FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE THOSE pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING- PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!

    Hey, ummm....can you email me? I have something that I wanted to talk to you about- THANKS!!!!! It is really exciting I promise!!!

    OH and ummm......we have number 9 home ;)

  11. OMG YOUR BACK!!! <333 I've missed seeing your posts so much!
    I'm glad everyone is doing so well!!! Joshua looks AMAZING!
    Hope to see more posts from you (:
    God Bless <33
    -Kirstie J Bikakis

  12. Oh I how I've missed you! And those, PRAISE GOD!!!

  13. We all miss you and your blogging....but honestly, you owe us nothing. While we love to know the "doings" of your life and the lives of these extraordinary boys you don't live to any update is wonderful. Also, I think the main thing is that we love praying over these boys and the best way to know the needs is for us to...well....know the prayer needs...because this mama is NOT a mind reader despite what I tell my children!

  14. As you can see, people still check on you in the remote hope that you posted I completely get it and I don't have that many bodies living in my house. too bad about the keloid

  15. It's like a great book I was reading was stolen from the house when I was only on chapter 5. Not that we're entitled to anything, don't get me wrong..... let's just say I'm glad my book resurfaced!! :) And I'm so happy to hear that the next chapters are happy ones!! :)

  16. Welcome Back!! So glad to have a post!!

    Sometimes life just has to keep on going and there is no time to blog BUT there is time to enjoy the blessings!!

    Hope you have been enjoying your blessings!

    Our Luke will be having an open heart surgery on March 13th- please keep him in your thoughts and prayers! Just guessing that keloid scars will be part of his healing too- hey, we could only be so lucky!

    Blessings to you dear friend!!

  17. Glad you are back! Joshua looks amazing!! YOu have done well my friend, well!!!

  18. Man, the difference a family makes. The obvious contrast in those pictures makes me want to cry happy tears. Glad you are back!!

  19. And just when I had finally recovered from my Martin addiction---I'm hooked again! SOOOOO very wonderful to hear from you. Soooooo amazing to see the photos. Sooooooo very glad things are normal (except for the scar, and the booger) and you are all well. Thanks so much for the update. Can't wait to see new pics. Love and hugs....

  20. YAY!! I am so glad you are back! I've been missing your wit and updates on your amazing family. :o)