Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deep....errrrr....Shallow Thoughts by Sonia.

Ok I know I said a post about Paul....
who, incidentally is one of my new favorite people selling some of my new favorite products...
but I just have some random things on the brain that simply must come out first.

Things like
I need a new blog redesign.
It's time.
It's been two years....it's time.
Like time-time seeing as how most of my kids look downright infantile in their pictures compared to what they look like now.
Thank you puberty for stealing my babies away.
Did I just use the word puberty on my blog?
Oh my.
My street cred just went way down. 
And then there's the fact that their ages are outdated since they are currently
And then there is the fact that I don't know that I actually had any street cred to begin with
nor am I entirely sure what that is. 

And other things
like the fact that I have a neighbor who blows a whistle 3 times consecutively to call her children in from playing.

This intrigues me.

I can't decide if my shrill lovely voice nicely screaming talking at a loud volume calling my kids in is better
or worse
than a whistle.
Course then that got me thinking that it would actually be kinda fun and entertaining to train my kids to the same call as her kids....
but then of course her kid would show up at my house
and mine at hers
and before you know it the neighborhood would be one jumbled mess of kids coming and going and whistles every which way.
though highly entertaining I'm sure
might give me a headache. 

Speaking of the neighborhood I should give you a tour of our new abode.
After spending the summer at our new base in an apartment the size of a shoebox with 6 kids waiting for a house it was such a welcome relief to get out of the hospital and walk into our new house that is
quite larger than a shoebox.
2,400 sq feet with 9 people feels downright palatial. 

We love it.
We love it here.
We would love to stay here for a
AF you hear that?
A loonnnnggg time.

Our last 3 assignments we have been on a bit of a tropical tour.
Palm trees.
it has just about thawed me out from our 3 years spent in North Dakota....
but not quite....
I think my appendix and spleen are still frozen.

In other news of the random variety
my walls are filthy.
7 boys makes walls filthy.
Door handles.
I just thought you should know.
Yesterday I even found a booger on the wall
I didn't think you needed to know that one....
but I figured in the spirit of full disclosure I should tell you everything.
So I did.
You're welcome.

I loathe making lunches in the mornings.
I loathe handling lunch meat as I simultaneously chug my morning cuppa joe.
Those two things were not meant to go together
nor am I meant to handle lunch meat before sunrise.
It's just wrong.
Two things I know will be in Heaven:
and the absence of the necessity to prepare lunchboxes.
The teenagers school charges $5.00 for a hot lunch.

Hold on.

Let me say that again just in case you missed it.
$5.00 for LUNCH. 

What the?
So until that prices comes down to somewhere around .99,
I will continue to inhale the smell of smoked turkey and mustard and coconut creme coffee creamer all at the same time.
Mmmmmm tasty. Blech.

The hubs and the teens were at DNOW this weekend
which means two things:

1. I missed them.
2. I didn't have cook ginormous dinners whilst they are gone since they are the three top food consumers in this house.

So I have been making super fan-say things like
mac and cheese
grilled cheese
and soup....
from a can.
And man alive....have you ever closely inspected the chicken pieces in a can of chix and rice soup?
I don't recommend it.
Don't do it. 
Ok fine.
I know your gonna do it....just don't yell at me when you see the nastiness that awaits you.
In fact don't yell at me at all....
it makes me cry....
and then my makeup runs...
and my eyes get all puffy
and snot comes out of my nose...
oh never mind.
Forget I said anything about the chicken. 

As I mentioned on the book of face I am taking a break from my beloved Jesus calling devotional and switching gears into marriage.
I just finished watching the first session and have just began the book but if you too want a little marriage kick in the bootay and a in-yo-face reminder about how we should act in the sanctity of a marriage head right here.

I have some posts swimming around in my head now that I have
blogged two whole days in a row.
Posts about how I wish I were braver.
I wish I were braver when we began our adoption journey.
Joshua's experience has forever changed me
and if it taught me one over riding lesson as it pertains to adoption it is this:
Dying kids need families too. 

I want to share in a post or 2 or 12 or 20 about few heart kiddos
deemed inoperable
just like Joshua
that are still waiting for their miracle.
So standby.
Cute faces and broken hearts headed to a computer screen near you soon.

This concludes today's episode of Random Thoughts by Sonia.
I have walls to clean.


  1. Now that you've blogged two whole days in a row, I'm going to put in a request. Could you please talk about the adjustment with an older child adoption? What about adjusting to the idea that you could potentially be bringing home a child to bury them?

    Also? Boys are icky. Thanks for ruining my breakfast. (you didn't really. i have four under six, all born within 22 months of each other. my life is surrounded by icky.)

    1. I'm not sure you ever adjust to that. But it is learning how to live in the moment and appreciating every little thing more than you ever imagined.

  2. Angels just might be singing! Do you hear them? Yes ma'am, you blogged two days in a row!!! I love that you're back, I totally missed your spunkiness!:)

  3. Puberty, boogers, and whistles. Hm...All I can think about is the Sound of Music! And the other part? Don't make me cry. Please?

  4. there's the sonia i know and love!

    love the van trapp family next door to ya-- do they sing too?

    and really...palm trees are over rated compared to 14,000 foot mountains... i think he should get reposted to Colorado Springs..
    pictures woman!!!!! pictures!!!!! i am a demanding person!

    love ya!

  5. What has gotten in to you woman??? ARE YOU ON DRUGS??? LOL! You still make me laugh... and I needed that this morning! Thanks friend! :-)

  6. I'm so glad you are back!! I have been following your journey since you brought the last "J" home. We, too, are adopting an "inoperable" heart baby...but know that in the light of our Savior, He has different plans for our girl!! Thank you for the "belly" laugh this morning - now you know that a "belly" laugh is VERY different then a "laugh"...
    Look forward to seeing you on my Blog Feed again!!

  7. Funny! Your living next door to the Von Trapps!
    I say stick with the screaming! It gives the neighbors something to talk about and it gives them something to feel superior about even though You are the best mom on the block!!

  8. Heehee, lunchmeat, boogies, boys now I remember why I faithfully check your blog. Truthfully though thanks for posting the boys ages - seeing that you have 5 within 2 years makes me think I can possibly do it with 4 all within 23 months of each other! And yes Colorado springs should be your next stop!!

  9. I have blood from a nasty bloody nose to clean off my sons' wall. I have never seen so much blood, boogers, pee and poop in my entire life...Seriously, I thought I was done with the latter when they were potty trained but I digress...it just gets worse as they get older!

    Ok, off to tackle Mt. Washmore and wipe off that weeks old boogie blood.

  10. It sounds like you should become a vegetarian...just sayin'

    Hey! Were you in Grand Forks at the AFB? I grew up in East Grand Forks. My family still lives there. You're right...very, very, absolutely, awfully cold!

  11. When our kids were going to school, we'd make all of their sandwiches on Sunday night before the week began and then we'd freeze them... this way, we didn't have to make them daily, it was super quick to throw lunch together the next morning, the sandwiches would stay cool during the day, and were ready to eat when the kids had lunch. Now, I understand sandwiching for 2 is different, but just a thought!!