Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh. The. Irony.

Jason is driving now.

Jordan is driving now.

2 teenage

But I love em.
They  make me laugh.

And they always seem to have food....holla!

But back to my story....

So they drive.
And they are pretty good at it.
But nonetheless....this is new to them.

So it was inevitable. 
That ummm...
see for yourself:

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there. 


Here's the problem though...
Jason and Jordan didn't....
let's see....
how do I say this....


They weren't the ones that.....

It was me.

Times I have ever dented a car in my life: 0.
Now it's 0 + 1
Which equals.....
ummmm i dunno.
I don't do math.
You can use a calculator if you're really curious how many times.

But I digress.

Now at the risk of sounding oh so cliche'
it really wasn't my fault.

Or maybe it was totally my fault.
One of the two.

There are these annoying stump things at the baseball fields that just sort of arise from the earth and impale themselves into people's cars.
I even took a picture when I was back there today picking up the teens from practice so you could see the stupid things and validate my assertion that this is not my fault.

So there you have it.
That's my story.
Stupid stumps: 1
Sonia: 0

I gotta go crawl under my car now and try and pop it back out.
Mind you I have no real idea how to do such a thing,
but I've seen it on TV and it doesn't look that hard.
Plus I stayed at Holiday Inn Express last night so I'm totally qualified.

Oh, and PS: This is the part of the story where you regale me with stories of how you dented your own cars way worse to make me feel better.
And it's also the part where you teach me how to spell "regale".....that just doesn't look right.


  1. I am so glad that I don't have any drivers...yet! It will cause me many gray hairs when they do start. Wish you could be there Friday to hold my hand and make laugh.

  2. I had just bought my Saturn (I was in my 20's) 2 weeks prior, & I backed into a dumb rock retaining wall that was only 2 foot high. Not tall enough for me to see in my rear view mirror. I scraped & scratched the bejesus out of my bumper. And my then-boyfriend/now-husband has never let me live it down. :P

  3. If it makes you feel better when i first started driving (i'm 18 now lol), my dad took me a cemetery to drive so i coudln't run anyone/thing over. Well needless to say i almost 2 trees, and a huge green trashcan. That was the end of my driving with my dad as he shoved me to my mother haha

  4. Thanks for making me laugh. Love your blog!

  5. I backed into a shopping cart and broke my taillight. But my husband backed into my car in the driveway with his Suburban. The hood and front passenger headlight had to be replaced to the tune of $1500!

  6. I think it is time to put new pics on the header of your blog. that second kid doesn't look old enough to drive.
    I'll be starting on the 3rd driver in Dec....but just wait till the 2 sets of twins start...know any Dr's that prescribe valium for this type of thing?

  7. I've so missed the humor... You really need to update daily! Anyways, I too have had a few if those little mishaps... Not since I was a teen mind you, but mishaps nonetheless:)

  8. LMBO!!! Ok, I have 2 dent stories! First was about... 20 years ago. I was coming home from a night class at the college and we were having freezing rain and the driveway of my apt complex was a slope...down...toward the dumpster. Yup, turned into the driveway and slid down the drive into the dumpster!!! I was so mad!!

    Second was this year. My son and a bunch of his friends were out front and I had to leave with my daughter. I jumped in my van and backed out and backed right into the friend's truck! His front end was further out than our bush and I totally hadn't seen it!!

  9. Sonia, at Christmas I backed our minivan straight into the pole for the basketball hoop in my in-laws driveway. I've been backing around the thing for 20 years. Minor damage to the van thankfully, but my mistake was noticed as the pole is now tilted :-)

  10. I always parked my Jeep Cherokeee in the garage and when ready to go, just backed it out and went on my way. Well... my BIL was visiting and I forgot he had parked his little Camaro in the driveway, across from my garage door. Yep, I hauled it in reverse and heard a "crash." I was never so glad that my husband was handy with cars (and years later spent many years working in auto body shops).

  11. I drive a silver Toyota Sienna; maybe you have seen it? We bought it in 2006, new. Before 2007 came calling, said mini-van was on rear bumper #4. And bumper #4 appears to be a winner, because it's been with us ever since.


  12. I know in a car park once they had this stupid waste bin in the middle of the car park and as I was reversing (couldn't see it AT ALL in all three mirrors or the back window) and cracked all the bumper on my mums car. They had huge recycling bins behind me so avoiding them meant I hit wasn't raised or anything. :|

    Worst of all...the bin...not a scratch on it! What do they make these things out of? lol

    Nearly didn't go home that day that is for sure. haha

  13. Oh yes,just a few months ago I backed out of my driveway around to the parking pad and heard the backup warning a split second before I creamed my cleaning lady's car for a cool $1800. Hubby would only hammer the dents out of my car--sort of. Then 2 months later, I backed out of the garage to hit the back bumper of my daughter's new car. And yes, the backup warning did go off. But then it goes off every time I back out of the garage because it picks up the side of the garage door and the bushes. Won't tell you what hubs said to that. Thankfully, my girl said, "Don't cry, Mom. It's just a car." Her dream car, by the way.
    Donna O.

  14. I so feel your pain, about the dent in your car though, not the two kids driving! We bought an Acadia last spring and I have put a dent (or two)in it. :( The first dent we had only had it a month! I opened the door Bam! right into one of those sneaky low poles. The most recent has been the worst. I was backing out of the driveway and paying careful attention to the fence on the driver's side when Crunch! right into David's truck on the passenger side. It was just the edge of the bumper so more a scrape than a dent and I was going slow to avoid the fence or it would have been a lot worse. Glad I'm not alone!

  15. So NOT your fault! I backed into a wall in a parking lot once. The wall was about a foot and half tall and was too low to see with rear view mirrors. Who who puts a wall in a parking lot anyway?!

  16. I have one learning to drive as well. As if I wasn't already aware of my somewhat spacey driving skills, I now have an "expert" on board. Yikes! Needless to say, Dad is in charge of teaching her to drive. (I wrecked a car by running into a fire hydrant when I was learning.)

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  18. I ripped my rearview mirror off the side of my car on a sonic menu board. I am awesome.

  19. You know what else seems to impale minivans? fire hydrants. Seriously. One jumped out at me the other day and scraped up the side of my van something fierce. Totally wanna sue the fire company or something for damages. Geesh.