Friday, April 5, 2013

Portrait of A Chinese Child's Lunchbox

If it were up to them there would be an entire trout stuffed into their lunchboxes everyday.

No seriously,
a trout. 
With the eyeballs still intact.....
apparently they are tasty.
I'm going to go ahead and take their word for that.
Much like the chicken feet. 

So the trout is out and alternative....not going to make your classmates hurl.... Chinese food is in.

Since a few people have asked me what we feed them(pretty much what we feed the rest of our families with some alterations here and there) I thought I'd show you what a day in the life of their lunchbox looks like.

Water bottle
An orange
Shrimp Chips
Wasabi something or other
And Tofu beef stick kabobs of an unknown origin. I cannot tell you how much they love these things. I threw the package in the picture in case you want to pick some up for your little Asian sensation. I buy them for $1.39 at our Chinese grocery store.......and I bought about 700 packages of them while in China for 0.29 a package.

Not pictured was this which also goes in but I was half asleep and sipping my coffee at 6:30am when I was making this lunch.

Some kind of rice cracker thingamajig with sesame looking seeds in it.

And a banana....which also didn't make the photograph. Again....sleepy.....early.....half caffeinated.....

So there ya have it.
Our Asian sensations lunches look remarkably different than our bio kids lunch boxes which are filled with Americanized cr....errrrr.... garbage......but that's a whole nother post.


  1. What is in the package that was not in the first picture...'cause it looks like something I would buy at a bait shop to go fishing. I love to fish. I just don't snack on the bait. I would eat bait, however, if doing so would get me to China any quicker.
    I am prepared to feed my son anything he wants to eat---and lots of it. Just gotta get him here.
    Patrick's mom

  2. Interesting. Long JiXing, now know exclusively as Tessa, points out things in the Asian market that she ate in China but she does not want to eat it any more. Must be a guy thing!!

  3. 700 packages, huh? No wonder that blue bag was so heavy! :-)

  4. My Ugandans, for who knows what reason, LOVE that dried seaweed snack from Trader Joes. Like, will eat an entire package for breakfast love it. Like, asked for a case of it for their birthdays love it. It's a good thing they're cute because the food they like is really weird.

  5. Oh my! I wish that I would have bought 700 packages for .29 each. I'd be saving a lot of money right now, as Kaikai LOVES that stuff!!

  6. I came. I saw. I conquered. Yes, seeing is believing and this is real. Especially the part where you bag up the cool stick things without actually touching them with your hands. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Love, J

  7. I can say SO GLAD DARREN IS HOMESCHOOLED...those packed lunches SCARE me :) YOU are a good mama!!