Wednesday, February 25, 2015

As Paul Harvey Would Say...

And now the rest of the story.

It occured to me after a few FB messages wondering what Joshua's actual diagnosis was, that I totally forgot to add that part to my post. Whoopsie.

Man. Blogging at 72 years old reminds me that my memory is not what it used to be.

So without any more ado, Joshua's diagnois:


Glad we cleared that up.

They ran every test under the sun trying to determine what it was he had/has/TBD.
But nothing.
Hep C, no.
Other livery stuff that could manifest in these symptoms: no.
Other non-liver stuff that could manifest in these symptoms: no.
All viral panels: negative.
All bacteria related thingamajigs: nadda.
'Tis a mystery.

If this same set of symptoms come back again I have been told we could be looking at something autoimmune related and they will start driving down that road if it reappears.
Oh gracious please turn the car around, how I hope it's not that.
I don't know much, but what I do know of autoimmune diseases is that they are very difficult to diagnose, are even more difficult to treat, not typically curable and are life-long.

So far it's been a couple of months and nothing.

As for Joshua. He's back to Joshua.
Loves to create.
Loves to laugh.
Loves to leave his clothes/toys/shoes/trash/ all over the house.
Love that boy.


  1. I'm glad it appears it was nothing. When we thought Grace had leukemia, it turned out to be lupus nephritis. You are absolutely correct when you say the autoimmune stuff stinks!!! 6 year olds shouldn't get lupus and be told to stay out if the sun. I pray that it was nothing more than needing to add some gray to your beautiful 72 year old hair.

  2. Great that he is doing so well. My first thought was JRA. I pray that is not the case and he remains healthy as a horse - well a healthy horse that is. Keep on blogging lady!

  3. I am always on the edge of my seat, reading your stories! So happy to hear that the story had a positive ending. :) And so happy that you're back to blogging! :)