Saturday, February 28, 2015

Que Scene:

I was at an away game for Jason & Jordan's basketball team a couple of weeks ago and as I was in the gym bathroom washing my hands I observed the following conversation takes place:

Middle School Girl #1: You know he only likes you for the way you look
Middle School Girl #2: Yeah, I don't care.
Middle School Girl #3(who is currently using the restroom): You are such a diva!
Middle School Girl #1: I'm going to text him.
Middle School Girl #2: No way.
Middle School Girl #3(still using the restroom but fully engaging in this conversation nonetheless):You totally should!

Me(In my head): Thank you Lord for giving me boys. You rock.
Because really.....I have zero idea what is said in a boys bathroom but I'm near positive it's nothing like girls.


1 comment:

  1. Got some of each...pretty sure guys talk in the restroom too, but yeah, not sure I want to know what they are talking about. Welcome back!