Monday, February 23, 2015

Head On Over

To No Hands But Ours

I shook the dust and massive cobwebs off of my writing and shared an experience I walked through a couple of months ago.

I hope you laugh.
I hope you find hope.
I hope you want to come over and have coffee with me.
I'll have a cup waiting for you......and some coffee-mate coconut coffee creamer because yes....just yes.

You can find the post right here.


  1. You don't know me (ah the wonder of internet!) but I wish I did know you... And could sit with coffee cups and coconut creamer and our crazy boys running through- yours older, mine younger but still wild little men- and talk in real life. My family is starting our first adoption from China. Your stories and thoughts have blessed me this morning (and made my mascara run and my coconut creamer-filled coffee grow cold). Thank you!

    1. No Way! You drink the cocunut too?? We could SO be friends!!! :) So excited for your adoption!!

  2. Just read your four posts in four days and WOW! Way to go, lady! Gettin' all educated and such :) LOVED this post and so grateful for your willingness to share again on NHBO - you are not only wise, but a gifted writer, my friend!