Saturday, July 3, 2010


After 4 months and 2 weeks our dossier finally headed to China on Friday and is on a big jet plane as we speak....errr type....errr blog....errr, read this blog...errr
never mind.


I feel like a million bucks.

I can't tell you what an enormous step this feels like...well, I could tell you...but most of you already know what that is like and can share this same I won't tell you. I'll just let the memory come rolling on in.

I am incredibly excited at this point. Excited for what's coming next, excited to not have to refresh my email every 2.7 seconds for a least a week or two, just plain ole



Hoping to get a quick LID date which can only mean we will have the answer to the big question very, very soon!


  1. CONGRATS on yet another HUGE step, girlfriend!! Hate to tell you this, but it really does get worse from here. It seems like the closer you get, the harder it gets to wait.
    It DOES feel so good to be DTC, doesn't it???? Like it's all pretty much off your hands for now - just gotta sit back and wait. :)

  2. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I have been checking all weekend praying i'd see this post! I will be praying for a quick LID and the answer your heart desires. :)

  3. Congratulations on DTC! Looks like we will be about a month behind you for our Gracie!!! Shhh don't tell anyone yet!!

    Also you will still be refreshing every 2.7 seconds still! It does NOT get easier. You may have a week of catch your breath time, but you will always be on the look out for the next step in the process!!!

  4. Awesome! I know what relief you are feeling right about now! Enjoy it and look forward to hearing about LID!


  5. Congratulations!! It IS a wonderful feeling..praying for a super fast LOA.

  6. So happy that you are now DTC! What a relief, I know. Hoping for that final approval soon...and news about #6!

  7. YAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! Kinda the same thing that Heather was shouting, but I mixed it up a bit. That is such exciting news!!!!! I can't wait to hear what happens next!!!!