Friday, July 16, 2010


Yay! We got our LID today!

July 8,2010

Ahhhh, that day makes me happy. ;)

So now we are in a holding pattern, my best guess is that they will be asking about the dual adoption sometime next week!

Let's hope for Monday....Monday seems like a good askin day to me!

UPDATE! Just received the following from our agency:

Hi Sonia,

We are ready to rock and roll! When they will ask depends on when the directors are available. She has to go to several different people and discuss the situation, and then they all have to agree. It may take some time to get a response, but I will keep you posted on what we hear!

(Did I mention I really, really love our agency?!)

I don't think I had this many butterflies in my stomach when we found out we were having twins! Sheesh! Here's to praying for favor amongst all of the directors and that God will be all up in their biness whilst they are discussing these two boys future together!

Now where did I put that ice cream.....


  1. Sonia-I have been waiting for an update all week! congratulations!! i'll be praying for you!

  2. Praying for you as you wait (with us!). Seems like next week would be a great week to hear some more wonderful news.

  3. WAHOOOOO LOVE THOSE LETTERS!!! LID!!! Praying with you ... for a wonderful update very soon. (and finally a picture of this mystery boy, ha)

  4. Wow! Only 6 days from DTC to LID!!! Oh that gives me hope for Gracie!!! Can't wait to see your timeline! You can relax for the next 20 days!!!

  5. Congratulations! That sure was a quick LID. I will be praying for you and hope you hear something sooner than later.

  6. Yippee Jesus for LID! What a special day July 8 is for both of us. You recieved LID and our adoption of Caleb was final! A double blessing for July 8! Praying for a double blessing soon from China for you all!


  7. Yippee!! Congrats on the LID!! AND I'm lovin your agency too!! Praying the Lord moves their hearts and it's a big fat YES!!

    Hope you found that ice cream!

  8. I really really hate to say it.. but I TOLD you -that you would REALLLY love this agency!!! they rock. just about as much as you do.. and just about as much as I do.. oh wait can i say that? LOL

  9. Praying with everyone else . . . that it'll be "twins" again! Please Lord let it be! Blessings as you eat your ice cream . . . and wait . . .


  10. You just crack me up...

    Ice cream is my 'go-to' food as well!!!


    Will be praying.....