Friday, July 9, 2010

6 inches

is about how much space I had to "sleep" last night.

Justin has gotten into a totally awesome habit of waking sometime around 1 am for no particular purpose....and because I'm the mom...he likes to wake me up to join him.

Yes you little one. Don't give me that cute face, you know the havoc you are wreaking on my sleep cycle.

Yeah. It's great fun.

You should try it.


So I get up, tuck him back in bed

and then





unable to go back to sleep.

Man alive there is a lot of thoughts that start flying around in mom brain when it is quiet and my off switch seems to be broken.

I once read an article that included a poll about how many moms are the one's that sleep closest to the door and it was some incredible number like 89% of moms "happen" to sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. We are the first line of defense against middle of the night roamers and alas, they get us every time.

There must be a flaw in that system.


Mom! Wake up! I have turkey on my head!

I never minded getting up at all with any of these kiddos before...ya know...

when they were babies.

But hello, he's 8.

This no longer works for me. I have looonnng since stopped lactating, I have no diapers to change, no pacifier to find...I have seriously nothing to offer this child at 1am.

So last night in a totally misguided attempt to try and just go back to sleep I put him in the middle between John and I...

and by "middle" I mean Justin then proceeded to go right back to sleep snuggled right up next to me on my side of the bed leaving me about 6 inches of space between the bed and plummeting to the floor in the middle of my slumber.

Good times. Good times.

Coffee anyone?

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  1. Sonia,

    You've got such handsome boys! I've been reading your blog and couldn't stop laughing at moments. I'll be praying for special guy #6.