Friday, July 30, 2010

Admist all of our good news

My heart is aching for this little boy.

From this family:

"He has a very complicated heart condition. He has transposition of the great arteries, dysplasia and severe backflow of the tricuspid valve. He was recently taken to Shanghai for a heart evaluation. The orphanage had hoped that he would be able to receive surgery for his heart and they even raised all the necessary funds. However the hospital felt that his condition is too serious to perform surgery so he was sent back to his orphanage."

Did you catch that?

Do you realize what that means for him? Over there he has no chance,
he has a chance.
My heart is breaking. This precious family had planned to adopt him but God has other plans for them so this little fella needs a home. He needs a home soon.
Could you be his family?
They are advocating for him so if you would like more information on him click on over here and her email is listed on the sidebar, I know she'd love to speak with you about him!!
Sweet Jesus show us his family!!

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