Friday, October 18, 2013

But Enough of That

Let's move on to happier topics
Like blood
and heart transplants
and needles.


It's midterm week round my neck of the woods so after I conquered a test today in about 10 minutes flat,
take that social work exam
I kicka yo butta.
You are dead to me.

I noticed the blood truck outside the College of Health.
I'm in.

I won't ever forget that month in the PICU watching bag after bag of blood and platlets stream into Joshua.
I'm so thankful for that.
I'm so thankful for them
whoever they are
wherever they may be.
Whatever number of people that sat in some big blue bus somewhere and thus enabled him to have life.
Never will I see a Blood Mobile and look at it the same way.

So in honor of Rini's Big Going To Seattle Day
I grabbed myself a bottle of juice and some crackers and put my feet up for awhile.

Fight Rini fight!

Your done?
Can't you take more?
These chairs are comfy!
And you feed me!!

Love sweet Rini!


  1. How is Joshua doing? I pray Rini gets on the transplant list and gets a heart soon. Wish I could donate blood :(

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sonia. I remember meeting your sweet Joshua in Hangzhou that hot July day in 2011, and following your blog when he went through his surgery. Thank you for honoring Rini in this very special way.