Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coffee Anyone?


I'm sitting here in a {gasp} quiet house

Ya know...
because all the smoke alarms going off at 5:48am is just a great way to start your day.

Coffee anyone?

And by the way....am I the only mother that in her half-awake state of delerium when awoken by said smoke alarms spends the first two minutes of the alarming walking briskly around to all the bedrooms shouting, "It's ok! It's ok!" in my most slightly panicked yet trying to be comforting mom voice? For some reason the thought of all the kids being freaked out by the alarms in the middle of the night seems to instinctively worry me more than if something were ya know.....actually ON FIRE.

Just curious.

I think I need to adjust my intuitive emergency reactions.

I'm off to class, and with this start to the day I am certain to be asleep midway through Research & Statistics.
Someone wake me when I have flunked out of my program.


  1. Good Morning! You are right to be concerned about fears....later I will tell you how one of mine was scarred for years by a smoke detector going of in the middle of the night in Yakima. So what caused the alarm???? Might I suggest taking a couple of toothpicks to class today to prop your eyes open?

  2. Ha! In this case, the fear was all 7 children waking for no reason in the middle of the night and then trying to get them to settle back down again. I'm with ya!

  3. Smoke detectors are much like Tornado sirens, right? They tend to only go off around 0400-0530. Sometimes because a real concern exists, but usually just to cause annoyance and chaos! I usually choose to find the joy in it....no fire/no tornado. If its all good, I'm going back to bed! That extra 30 minutes of sleep is more precious than gold! I'm just sayin'