Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Since you asked.....

Since I have received many, many, MANY questions regarding why we didn't turn our application in the day after we officially decided to adopt(I mean come on! What's the hold up?!) I thought I'd share with you. Okay, I'm kidding, no one just sounded like a good beginning to this post. :) We made the final decision on Wednesday, February 10th and didn't turn our application into our agency and our contracted home study agency until Friday, February 12th. I missed a whole day! So what happened that one day? Well, I'll tell ya.

Blank. My mind went completely and udderly buh-lank. Seriously. No kidding. Like you could hear crickets chirping my mind was so empty. I had spent months researching the process, written to and spoken to countless other adoptive parents about what to do and when, sat and read adoption blogs and forums for countless hours, and then...and then when it was our time? I got nuthin. Notta. Nope. Zero. No clue what to do. No idea who to call. Couldn't even process what to do. Paralyzed if you will. I think I did laundry and watched an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Pathetic I know. So that's my very blank story. The end.

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