Saturday, February 20, 2010

Social Worker Called!!

Yay! We've been assigned a social worker!! Now as long as she deems us fit to have more and does not decide instead to remove the children we do have from our home we should be good! She sounds very nice and we should be meeting with her by the end of next week! She gave us a few things to be working on while we wait....good thing I have compulsively been researching all of this because I already have everything she initially wants us to be working on! Holla! New marriage and birth certificates, proof of medical insurance, copy of 09 tax return, copies of passports. She is also sending us a flash drive that has all of the documents that we will need to be working on for our dossier. She said that most families take the flash drive to a printing place because there are SO many forms. I'll be sure to bring the camera with me when we do that next week. Should be the start of some massive writers cramp...and for that...I can't wait!!!!

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  1. Yay!! I guess I didn't think to include in my prayers to be able to keep your current children along with acquiring 2 more. Sheesh, details!! ;-) I'll also pray your social worker has a sense of humor. It'll make it a little less painful for the both of you!