Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The B.I.G. Question!

Well, not too much to report in adoption land.

Our dossier....barring any further ridiculousness or totally off the wall hangups...like the Chinese consulate running out of stickers or something like that....will be going to China on Friday!!


Now we bounce pass the ball into China's court and wait for them to do their thang.

A couple of things you can expect me to be jumping for joy about that comes next in the adoption process:

1. We will (hopefully) soon receive our LID after our dossier gets to China. This is our Logged in Date. It's the date at which the CCdoubleA has recorded our dossier and logged it into their system.

Shortly after our LID the BIG question will be asked in relation to kiddo #6! This will be a big couple of days as we wait for their decision. Expect lots of nervous posts, and for pictures of me 20lbs heavier because of the enormous volume of ice cream I will be inhaling whilst I wait.

Sometime after our LID we will receive our Letter of Approval or LOA in adoption lingo. This is China's final approval for us to adopt Joey. We are praying for 2 LOA's!!!

So that's what on the horizon. I can't say what a relief it is to have it out of our hands and in their hands now.

I am happy.
My Fed Ex man is not.

On another note, It's been over a month now that Joey received our care package. I have purposefully not sent anything else yet until we find out if his foster brotha is coming home with us. There are 8 children that live in that home. 5 of which(that I am aware of) have families that are on their way for them.

Can we just stop a minute and think about how those other 3 feel?

It. Is. buh-raking this momma's heart.

To think of our son(kiddo #6) sitting there watching those cakes and packages coming in and nothing for him. Not to mention the other 2 besides him that do not have families coming for them yet. With this in mind I have gathered some things for all 8 of them to send in every care package from here on out. And better believe if we are fortunate enough to visit the foster home we will be lavishing them with love, attention and some gifts just for them.

I hate, hate, hate that #6 has no idea at the moment how in love with him we are and how hard we are working to get him home with his best buddy.

This journey has unfolded in ways that we never would have expected and I cannot wait to see how this ride ends....

or is it just the beginning....

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  1. I am praying for TWO LOA's for ya!!!!

    I am hoping that soon, very soon, you will be able to send to your son (kiddo #6) an amazing care package!!!