Friday, March 11, 2011

My New Love.


My new gigantic waffle maker.

Our waffle maker broke a few months ago and when I was looking around at a standard replacement it occurred to me that if I buy a normal waffle maker it would take me no less than 4.5 hours to make breakfast one
for 8 people.....uhhhh nothankyou.

And let's face it.
Right after I finished that process it'd be time to cook lunch.
And as much as I like spending every waking moment in the kitchen I decided that a conventional waffle maker just may not be what our oversized family needed.

Thus the dream of this was born.

let's all just take a moment shall we....

It's big, it makes 6 waffles at a time, it's perty, it made me laugh when I noticed it said this on the side

and it should cut my breakfast cooking time down to only around 1.5 hours.

It also came with a recipe book with some yumminess such as this

and this

but not this.

I'm not feeling the love on this one but I'm willing to give it a try.
Don't hate....appreciate.

So come on in,
the kitchens open!


  1. Oooooh, YUM! (Appropriate oohs and aaahs I hope?)

  2. Yum! Where did you find that terrific device? My big problem with waffles is that I never get to sit down while the kids are still eating. I'd love to make 12 in two batches! Brilliance!!!

  3. Love it! way to go when you have 6 kids...boys at that! (Can you have waffle iron envy?)
    Next thing you want to get is their 14" fry it!

  4. Oh no way! We *heart* waffles in our house! I bought my husband a Pro-Belgian waffle iron for Christmas and wow that thing is amazing! We have 3 with gluten/dairy allergies so we have to do 2 different batches and it whirs along great...and the belgian waffles are so hearty we don't have to make too many...of course I'm only feeding 2 boys right now and they are on the small side!

  5. Yum! We have a pancake griddle that makes pancakes by the half dozen or so. Love anything that helps in the making of lotsa food!

  6. You are so right- quantity matters!!

    Lovin your new toy!!

    My girls love waffles and well ya know I've been thinking lately I may need one of these special gadgets!! My b-day is comin up!! I can see it now- waffles for BKF and LUNCH and...

  7. And I was thrilled with my birthday gift this year from my parents: large toaster oven that can toast 6 pieces of bread or FROZEN waffles at once. Congratulations on your waffle maker, show off!! :)

    What a blessing to have so many mouths to feed!!

  8. I will have to add that to my wish list!!! Our toaster broke and we replaced it with a 2 toast toaster...what on earth were we thinking?!?!?!