Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That's What Friends Are For.

For good times,
for bad times,
I'll be on your siiiiiiiiiiddde for everrrr morrrrrrrre,
that's what frien......oh who am I kidding....I can't sing.

The Bible says, "Make a joyful noise until the Lord." and sadly, though there is joy, I'm not the sure the noise coming out whilst I am singing sounds as such. 

But I digress....

When we came home I found our freezer stocked full of frozen meals for our family.
The joy!
Oh the joy!

I've said it before,
I'll say it again,
The Lord has blessed us with some tremendous friends.
New friends,
old friends,
red friends,
blue friends.

Sorry...I got carried away and have apparently been reading too much Dr. Seuss. 
But I digress....

Those meals prevented my children from eating cold cereal 3 times a day for the first two weeks home.
And because we were all sick and didn't really feel like eating a big meal everyday for awhile there we are still finding meals in our freezer.

Yesterday I pulled out a chicken pot pie made by my precious friend Kim.
Kim is a fellow AF wife whom I met our first few days at our last assignment and a few years later she still likes me.
We are now actually stationed only 3 hours away from one another and if more than about a month goes by without us seeing each other my heart tends to get ready for a road trip.
As much as I love my friend Kim and deeply value her friendship I equally value her chicken pot pie.
Ok, not equally exactly....but it's way up there.
I'm just sayin.

So as I pulled out the pie I see this on top,

and as I pre-heated the oven I couldn't help but smile and thank God for our friendship.

But then I pulled back the foil and check out what was staring back at me

That dear readers, is a chicken pot pie with an entire welcome home scene cut out of the crust.

I love that girl.

And then there are my newer friends.
My Bible study friends.
I have no words to describe the love that pours out of these women.
The love, the servanthood, the grace of Christ just exudes out of them.
They were incredibly supportive during our wait on every level; emotionally, financially, prayerfully, and as excited as I was to go get those boys I think they were even more excited if that's even possible.

Upon our arrival home they again blessed us with this.

An envelope containing enough $$ for a photo shoot with a photographer whom they had already contacted and negotiated a kah-razy good deal for us to get new family photos taken.
I am feelin the love......even though I can't sing.
So coming soon to a blog near you,
New header pics and new sidebar pics!

And because I feel like I can't say it enough to really express our gratitude,
THANK YOU freezer stocking girls!
THANK YOU Bible study ladies!
I will never, never, never forget your love or be able to adequately convey to you how much you mean to me!


  1. Wow!!
    You are so lucky!!!
    And very blessed. : )

    I can't wait for the new picts!

    It was so good to talk to you last week.
    Let me know how Jacob's appointment goes.

  2. Wow! Now that is love! The hands and feet of Jesus. You are one blessed lady!

  3. This brings tears to my eyes! Friends are such an amazing gift that God has given us!
    Love the Chicken Pot Pie!!!

    And your singing sounds great from here! :)

    Can't wait to see those pictures!

  4. BTW - hopefully with those pictures you'll also update that Jacob and Joey are NO LONGER waiting for you in China!

  5. Love it. Friends are awesome.

  6. Yeah, but to the JBUGS, you are the blessing to us!