Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Please Don't Laugh At Me.

I am about to show you something.....
but first I will ask you for your respect.
your understanding
perhaps even your sympathy
....ok, maybe not your sympathy.

You ready?
here goes....

We returned home on January 29th.
Today is....
a few days past January 29th.

Here is my upstairs hallway.

If anyone finds my dignity out walking around kindly redirect it home.
Sonia out.

Ok, actually before I go I do find it necessary in a very lame mis-guided attempt to retain some dignity, feel the need to tell you that these are actually unpacked.....just not put away. And that I've been really busy and had a lot going on and we are getting ready to move and well, you see, I have a lot of boys running around here and,.... and....oh never mind. 


  1. Our suitcases were out for awhile too! Don't worry about it at least they are empty! You said you are you know where yet?


  2. No, no, no. You aren't behind. You're ahead. You're moving right? Well, you're already preparing for that. Suitcases out and ready to pack. It's all about perspective, baby.

  3. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're moving here!!!! i knew you'd see it my way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL- i always have a hard time actually getting the suitcases put away-- oh.wait--
    i just saw your dignity running down the street-- must go catch her!

  4. Hey- they're unpacked! That's awesome! Way to go! They're just suitcases, they can sit for a while and not do any harm! Not nearly as much harm as 6 boys and you let them out! ;)

  5. Girl...I had this exact same post a few months after we had been home. One lone suitcase and her welcome home sign still hanging!! MANY months!!! Love it!!

  6. Who cares? As long as no one decides to fill them with dirty clothes

  7. I thought you were just "airing them out" for the upcoming move :O)
    you go girl!!

  8. ~Haha~ I'm laughing WITH you! That looks the cedar chest at the end of my bed...still covered with luggage from our trips in Feb! Its funny how we mama's prioritize things...but you know what? Laundry will keep...our children will not!

  9. Yes, I know the feeling. I have bags in my room from something that happened 2 months ago. It is hard to take the 10 minutes to put them where they belong!

  10. my husband "found" an unpacked one from our trip last weekend...mind you gotcha day was 12/26/2010. long story short i unpacked it, really just shoved everything in it in an empty drawer. i had emptied it befreo we left just in case this happened. looks like i am gonna have a treasure hunt one day. hope i got the dead socks and travel snacks out before i closed the drawer...oh, and welcome home. get those big boys to put the bags away for you.

  11. I was a bit concerned with what your half dozen are running around wearing, that is until you shared that they are unpacked. I'll only laugh at you if a Christmas tree and lights end up on top of those suitcases! :)

  12. I don't even know why you feel bad. They are unpacked. They are stacked in a corner. Holla! Job accomplished. Where else would you put them?? Miss you.

  13. TOTALLY GET IT! They'll get moved eventually! :)