Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Lil' Bit Flat.

Funny thing happens when you step out of your normal life for round bout 20 days now.


And I miss it.

I miss the getting the kids up in the morning and handing them a frozen waffle
making a steaming hot, homemade from scratch breakfast every single morning.
Cuz ya know
I totally do that.
Or something like that anyway. 

Taking care of just one child these last few weeks has been
One kid?
I don't know how to do one kid.
Meals delivered to his bedside?
People come in to clean his room
to change his sheets
to care for him?
What. The. Heck.

I am ridiculously excited for real life again.
Even with the incessant cleaning
the cooking
the sibling arguments
the homework
the pee on the bathroom floor
the pee on the bathroom floor
the pee on the bathroom floor
I'm tellin ya.
I miss it.
I miss all of it.

I miss driving them to school.
And going to soccer practice
And baseball games.
And cooking dinner.

And I miss my friends.

So imagine my delight when my phone beeped with a text yesterday and it was my sweet friend Julee.

And check out what was staring back at me

Flat Sonia.
Flat me!

So now I can once again have coffee with her
I drink coffee.....she drinks water.
The nerve.
Somehow I still immensely enjoy her friendship.

I can imagine I am back in real life doing laundry

doing dishes

I'm tellin ya.
The fun. 
The fun I miss.

In other news, 
Our big little man has made quite the turnaround in the last 24 hours ever since that last chest tube came out. 

The doctors just finished rounds and words like
"Possibly as early as Friday"
have begun to come out of their mouth. 
Oh happy 


  1. You never cease to crack up, even when you've been living in a hospital for 20 days. Great news about J! Continuing to lift you guys up in prayer!

  2. YES!! Isn't it great that in the midst of the wires, tubes, monitors, etc., God's still there taking care of EVERYTHING?!?! And He's starting this day off with some wonderfully exciting news?!?!?!? (And, oh, He made bodies resilient too! THANK you Jesus!) Still praying….
    The Weissends
    John, Paula, Carla and Francie Xin

    Isaiah 40:31 “They that WAIT upon the Lord, shall renewed their STRENGTH; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall RUN and not be weary, they shall WALK and not faint” (Still on word three, WAIT, but the rest of that exciting verse is coming soon! --ppw)

  3. LOVE watching God continue to move mountains. So glad JJ is doing better. When I mentioned you might be coming home on Fri, I told Todd, "How in the world with everything that just happened with the chest tube, can the docs be talking about coming home on Friday?" He said, "Because God works in His time, not ours!" Booyah! Married a very wise man! =)

  4. Yippee!! I will keep praying that there are no
    further issues this week and you both will be
    home by Friday. :-) God is good!!!

  5. that is hilarious!!! the adventures of flat sonia!

  6. Yay for some good news!!! Praying that you get to go home sooner rather than later!

    Lovin Flat Sonia...think I'll print one off so I have some one to talk to at my kids sporting events. We could talk about our favorite subject again! Sorry, I don't do coffee..hope that is not a deal breaker!


  7. Okay, first I want to meet Julee (cause she's a very funny girl), second I think I might make me a "flat" Sonia, to hold me over until I can meet the real Sonia . . .

    and thirdly, AS EARLY AS FRIDAY . . . YES! YES! YES!!


    GO GOD!!!

    Rejoicing (and giggling) in Texas!



  8. That would be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :) Praying for that turnaround to keep coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying you home to your usual tame, boring, life :) he he he he.....

    Next time hoping to see real life pictures instead of the flat version :)

  9. You are so funny, you definitely make me smile. So glad to hear that J is doing good and home possibly Friday sounds amazing!

  10. Dear Flat Sonia ~ You have been Blessed with Friends and Sisters in Christ! We ALL love you and support you during the good times and the tough ones, too! I can hardly wait to meet you in Heaven!

    I'm SO excited that You & Joshua may get to go Home on Friday!! How is Joshua doing? Have you seen a smile in the past couple days? Oh, how your son has touched my heart! He will forever hold a special place in my life! Continuing to Pray! Hugs ~ Jo

  11. FRIDAY has a GREAT sound to it!! YAYYY!! :)

  12. Love it Julee! You are so creative!!

  13. bahahahaha! can't wait to see you post 'home' pix!
    Connie J

  14. W A I T ! ! ! Isn't Friday moving day????? Don't you think you should wait until that's over so you could just come home and "direct"? Maybe a day at the spa first??? Ok, just kidding. So delighted by the news. That new boy of yours is a fighter, and our great God is truly amazing. Will be praying for the rest of the week to be a time of resting for you and healing for Joshua.
    Loves...(and continued prayers)...
    p.s. Flat Sonia-tee hee hee Love it!

  15. Joshua' coloring looks so much better! we are thrilled to hear he will be goIng home soon.
    Stacey, Ray and Zhao Lei

  16. I was almost in tears thinking about all you were missing, but the flat Sonia thing totally cracked me up!

    So thankful your Joshua is improving and that home is in sight!

  17. Flat Sonia, love it! :) What a fun friend you have! :) LOVE to hear the h*o*m*e word being tossed around! Yay! Praise be to God! :) Hugs!

  18. Wow that is a good four letter word to have around! Time to introduce that boy into the family

  19. I love flat Sonia! Does she know flat Stanley by any chance??

    I bet you do miss "your life"- hoping and praying you two get home soon! LIKE FRIDAY, soon!

  20. Sonia, "I pray that, according to the riches of his glory, he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your heart through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love." Press on, Sonia!

  21. You have the best attitude EVER.. I don't care if it's stress or exhaustion induced, it's still the best! And you crack me up :O). Praying for your sweet boy!

  22. So glad home is in the vocabulary!!!! How awesome for both of you!!!

  23. Wow, we've done flat daddy lots of times, but never flat mommy. That's cool. But, we always took flat daddy to all the fun places. I don't recall him once doing dishes or laundry! (:
    So glad to hear about HOME from the docs! Yea, JJ! Yea, Mom!! YEA, GOD!!!!!

  24. LOVE the flat Sonia. What a good friend you have! Too funny. I totally know that feeling of missing your normal life and the mundane duties that it entails. Hang in there girl. I am so glad you have support coming from all sides. So glad to hear he is doing better each day--what a trooper. It will be so good to see him at home and get to see his true personality once the stress of the hospital is behind him. Praising God for His grace and the power of His might, so evident in your lives.

  25. Ok you need to post. I'm getting worried.

  26. I agree with mbcfree. I'm praying that the reason you haven't posted is that you are too busy running after boys and all that boys do.

  27. Praying that all is ok! I've been checking for an update and praying for Joshua!

  28. Praying too. And hoping that all news is good.

  29. Agreed. I have been checking every day for an update. Love and Prayers!

  30. I've been checking too! I hope no news is great news! Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  31. i pray that all is well - please keep us posted when you can!!

  32. Checking multiple times a day for an update...and worrying and praying because there isn't one. I hope all is okay!!

  33. Checking your blog often! And praying the update is a good one!

  34. See what you've done, Sonia? You've got followers, groupies, if you will! Gotta give us something, girl! :) Praying all is well on the home front and that you're just too busy hanging pictures to write! :)

  35. Echoing the comments... thinking of your family, hoping for an update and lifting you up in prayer.