Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch.

Stomach bugs have invaded
and seem to be picking off our children

Almost puke.

And did I mention we move into our base house on Thursday?
We move into our base house on Thursday.

Admist all the chaos this just happens to be the time that a home for us has opened up.
Good times.
Good times.
I am so, soooo thankful.

you must know
John is manning the unpacking and setting up of the house since I am here
and he is there.

This could be bad.
There isn't going to be one ruffle
or one piece of lace
or any flower all up in there.
It's going to like living in a frat house.

I can see it now....
Sports pennants hanging up in the living room
Giant pretzel tubs serving as end tables
Fooseball table in the kitchen
Video games wired into the bathroom

Guess I'll put that on my list of things to sort out once we are home.

I think at some point I will just fall into bed and sleep for 2 solid weeks
Not now of course
but I will add it to my calendar.
Nap October, 2019.
Got it.


  1. That is your base house!!?!?!?!?! OK, you MUST tell which base it is because I am going to tell my hubby to put that one on the wish list! (: Been praying for your family daily.

  2. Wow your hubby is pretty amazing! Praying for you all. So much going on wow!

  3. Oh my! It will only take you about 2 years to find anything, no offense to your awesome hubby. Then again, surely by now you know how to think in "blue"! Congrats on the house. Hope you can see it someday soon. Give Joshua a hug, squeeze, whatevah from all of us.

  4. Congrats on the house! Praying for you all.

  5. Woke up this morning thinking of all your husband and friends must be doing to keep some sanity happening at home while you are away! Live with the blue and massive sports stuff and give them all giant hugs for straying far outside their element to make all this happen. Also thought about how very physically and emotionally tired you must be trying to camp out in all the 24/7 traffic Joshua's room has been. Praying blessings on you all.

    Carol Bryant

  6. He he totally make me laugh! Well....redecorating could be a fun hobby, you know, since you are lacking in things to do or keep you busy right? :) Yeah, thought so!

    Praying you get to see the house soon and get to come HOME!!!

  7. Oh Sonia! Do you think that you could do a little bit more sometime in the next week or two?! Goodness gracious! Praying for you all!

  8. Sonia I just love your post, but I have to admit that with all those boys a frat house wouldn't be that far off hehe.... You might feel a little out of place, but I bet they would love it LOL

    I am still praying for you and I have a 6 hour nap schedules for 2015 when all my kids are finally in all day school :D The 2 weeks one will have to wait until about 2027 hehe

    Amazing how no matter what you are going through your posts always lift my spirits!

  9. Yeah...the hospital might be the only (and most important, of course) place you'll be seeing any pink until you get home to add the feminine touch!

  10. God has a great sense of humor! What timing! Love your attitude!

  11. I'm pretty sure you'll be busy on that date- the nap just isn't going to happen!

    If that's your house- it's adorable- Congrats!! I love it!

    Sorry bout all the sick kids at home- bummer.
    Saying prayers for all of you!

  12. LOVE the ranch- what a beautiful house! Day 13 in the hospital? I spent one overnight there with a kiddo and thought it felt like the longest night of my life. Can't imagine what you've gone through. Praying everyone is home sweet home before too long!

  13. The good news is that Joshua will move into a home and stay there (at least for several months, right?!). So what if the seat is permanently glued up by the time you get home - just details. ;) Praying for all of you in the many adjustments ahead. God has you all in His hands!!!