Monday, October 10, 2011

The Plan

Slowly more
and more
and more
and even more
tubes and wires are disappearing.
so nice.

It's day 16 here in PICU paradise.

He is doing so
so much better.

There are some issues they are still working on.
His lungs are still angry
he is still dumping way too much fluid out of his chest tube
and some of his levels
blood pressure
are off.
Way off.

By far at this point the most pressing issue is that his one remaining chest tube continues to dump out fluid.
That's not good.
At 6 days post-op it should already be out...
long ago.

Today during rounds the talk became that if that drainage(the source of which is the fluid around his heart)
does not being to taper off
they may need to do another heart cath
to take a look see and make sure there aren't any remaining collaterals that are still trying to live on
which would explain the bleeding/fluid output.


Another cath means another intubation
another day of anesthesia
another day of puke from the anesthesia.
Just when we have gotten him to eat and drink
and keep it down
we may have another 24 hours of yuck.

No decision has been made yet
they are going to give him another day to see what happens
but it is becoming more and more apparent that something is going on.

In better news,
with each xray his lungs look better

are they not the cutest little lungs you ever did see?
Let me show you the outside picture of those little lungs:

Now you can see the cuteness.

This is day two of sitting in a chair.
He is ridiculously excited about this
as you can plainly see.

Maybe not.

We had quite the drama yesterday morning when after morning rounds the doctors moved on down the hall when he suddlenly started going

His oxygen levels which had
10 seconds ago
been at 94
began dropping
Not good.
The alarms were once again ringing and his itty bitty room was full of people again.
His surgeon
His cardiologist
every resident and nurse on the floor.
and down
and down
After an intense few minutes someone finally figured out that the respitory therapist that had just been in had accidentally turned the oxygen valve in the wrong direction....
she turned it off instead of increasing it as they asked her to.
Alrighty then.
So now we know that he is not yet able to maintain adequate levels without the use of oxygen.
I'm not sure that's the way we wanted to find out.
But we know.

It does strike me as incredibly ironic however
Pre-surgery we would have been jumping for joy to have levels of 69!
But now that all is fixed/patched/rewired he should be able to....
or will be able to
maintain more "normal" levels in the mid 90's.
But right now his lungs are just not cooperating fully.

So that's the what's what.
MUCH better.
If I was betting lady I'd say home Friday?! Saturday?

But if they have do another cath and shut down some collaterals then all bets are off.
Boo to the hoo.


  1. Oh Sonia . . I cannot wait till the day I see you both home, with the rest of the boys in your life. So glad they are taking such good care of Joshua. Praying there is no cath in his future.

  2. Oh man. Will be praying that God will fix his drainage problems. Poor guy. Poor mama!

  3. Still praying here!!! {{hugs})


  4. Ok, I was wondering why all the breathing stuff. That explains it. Cracked up at the "excited" photo. Poor little guy, must be wondering why in the world he was so excited about being adopted! Will certainly be praying about the drainage situation and the lungs' happiness.
    Donna O.

  5. Whoo Hoo! Found a way to get back on!!!

  6. So glad he's continuing to do well! Will pray that the chest tube issue resolves and he won't require another cath.

  7. Praying, praying, praying . . . oh how I have been praying for your sweet Joshua and for you, for your whole family! God is BIG! Loving watching just how big He is--PRAISE BE TO GOD!

  8. Glad to see he is improving!! Maybe not as fast as we would like but in God's time.

    I can appreciate the vomiting with any anesthesia. As someone having had many, many surgeries & as an RN, it often helps if they load the patient with Zofran + Toradol while still under. The Toradol helps with the pain when first coming out of the 'anesthesia'-while the anesthesia wears off. They can then use lower doses of morphine (which itself can be so nauseating). Then often times they have to just keep giving the Zofran on a regular basis -not PRN-until done with the Morphine which is often a co-cause of the nausea. This doesn't work with everyone but maybe some combo like this could help JJ. Pam

  9. Hang in there! When we were in the hospital with Daniel, they constantly reminded us there would be steps forward and sometimes backward but always focus on the forward progress, which Joshua is clearly making! So glad he is doing so GREAT!! God bless you guys:)

    Lisa Murphy and family

  10. Just remember everything worth waiting for takes time!! Love the "outside" photo of the lungs..just adorable....Praying the few "issues" resolve themselves fairly quickly for all your sake...
    Hang in there it will get easier...

  11. Love you and the whole fam jam! So glad there are ups and not so many downs. We'll be praying for that drainage to "nip it" and happy lungs!

  12. So thankful to see he is making progress! I will say special prayers for the drainage tonight! Thank you Lord for all of Joshua's progress!

  13. Praying that all of these issues get resolved quickly. Praying that you are both home soon.

  14. He sure does look better!

    I know you can't wait, and he can't wait either, to be real and living free of all this extra attention!!!

    like a real little boy!

  15. Praying for the drainage issue. Home this weekend--please, let it be so, Lord!!!! He is not looking too thrilled, even in the chair. He needs all those brothers around him to help him heal completely! (:

  16. Praying for him!!! I am sure it is sooo hard to understand it all. Praying also for the best decision for his health and if it is more work to be done- strength for him, mommy, and the rest of the family!!!!!!!

    PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is doing miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. More room for the Lord to step in and make miracles happen...he's in the business of doing that ya know! Prayers continuing!

  18. Praying for all of you!! Joshua looks wonderful...we just need those #'s to look better, too!! Holding you all up in prayer!

  19. Just caught up on all the 'goings on in your neck of the woods! Fantastic news, awesome base house (minus the frat house look) ;) and Mr. JJ is looking great! :) You all are still in my prayers! Sending love and hugs! :)

  20. We are still lifting your little cutie up in prayer...
    and your family also!!!