Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Heart Babies. 2 Families Needed.

UPDATE: Ivan has single atrium and single ventricle, transposition of conducting arteries associated with PV stenosis. Please someone go save this sweet boys life.


Just 2.

2 Families to love
2 families to get these boys their needed surgeries. 
Are you 1?

Meet Ivan.

He's gentle
shares his toys with the other kids
and homeboy is a big big fan of Happy Goat....

who is actually a sheep.
But before we knew that we called it Happy Goat and it just kinda stuck around our house. 
{note: that is not a picture of Ivan. Ivan's a child, not a sheep or a goat or a sheep-goat.}

Here is Ivan and ohmygoodness what I wouldn't give to kiss that bald head.
Go ahead and fall in love....
I'll wait.

Ivan is 6 years old and needs surgery for a significant heart issue.
{Checkback later as I am getting some clarification on his exact heart issue}

meet Micah.

Cutie pie is 3 years old and has transposition of the great arteries(unrepaired).  From what I understand of this heart issue the child's symptoms(shortness of breath, blue lips, fingers, toes) will improve after surgery to correct the defect. Most infants who undergo arterial switch do not have symptoms after surgery and live normal lives. If corrective surgery is not performed, the life expectancy is only months. So the fact that Micah is frankly still here at 3 means he is long past due for some family love and healing.
He needs a home and he needs a home quickly.

Here is a little snippet of what is said about him, 
"If he has a conflict or competition with other children he will immediately try to comfort them. He likes to play with toys very much; his favorite toys are cars and balls. He likes to scribble and draw on the board. He also likes to walk and play on the grass."

And here is a link where you can find out more about his diagnosis. 

We all know that adoption is a game changer for an orphan. 
But truly, 
these kids 


unless someone says yes to them. 

Be a game changer,
be a 

If you'd like more information about either of these boys just shoot me an email



  1. Love you advocating for the heart children!!

    Good job!!

  2. They are both precious. I love that you are speaking out for these kids. Praying for their forever families...

  3. Love the advocating too.

    I'd love to do this but I don't have any way to get the info. on the children. If your source would share with moi, let me know!

    BTW, our older DD had unrepaired transposition as well at 35 months old. 90% of children will die by age 4 w/out some type of surgery.

    Our DD ended up having to get a Fontan b/c of the long wait for surgery and a single ventricle defect as well. The arterial switch is not as likely of a fix as the child ages, BUT there are often options as there was for our girl. She is living a completely normal life.

    Oh and Ivan has a single atrium and ventricle and transposition? Wowza. He surely looks AMAZING with all of that going on. Any chance this is wrong? I'm not saying anyone should go in thinking that but he just looks so PINK to have all of that going on.

    Well please if anyone reading wants to talk to another proud heart Momma, my email addy is cljjs (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    Thanks Sonia for all of this heart advocating!!! You go GIRL!!!

  4. Sonia, my friend's daughter had open heart surgery 4 days ago and her sweet baby Katie Grace is still on the ventilator due to Pulmonary Hypertension. I know you have had first hand experience. Would you have time to send her a word of encouragement as a mom who has been there and done that. Katie Grace in a hospital in Orlando. Anne is Katie Grace's mom. Her blog is

    Thank you for considering this request.

  5. Ok, I just fell in love with both! I pray they their Mamas and babas find them today. By the way, we are definitely fans of Happy Goat too in our house! Thanks again for your encouragement, it meant a lot.