Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Teen Scene

Wanna know something about me?


True story.

I never thought I would.
In fact
when Jason was a baby I remember taking great offense
(in my head anyway....I rarely take great offense outside of my head)
to anyone over the age of say
coming any where toward my precious teeny tiny lil baby.

Funny thing though.
That tiny little baby


He grow big.

Like big

And now?

Well now I be muchh mor edukated
and I have realized that teenagers

are very cool people.

It's like watching all of that love and training and nurturing and prayer
start to take root
as you watch them become



Grown up humans. 

I'm telling ya.

It's incredible.

The harsh irony is that just as they become quite interesting to be around
they become quite busy in life


So I don't see them as much as I would like to.

In recent days as John has been out of the country I have been juggling the extra curriculars of all of these children

It's going fine.
It just necessitates lots
and lots
and oh yes lots
of driving
and coordination.

So as they are the oldest
and most able to secure their own transportation home
I leave them notes on the one or two night's a week that I may not be there right when they get home.

Here was tonight's note

It's just my little way of staying connected to them
passing on pertinent information
and maybe giving them a laugh....or causing them to think I'm a total nerd bomber.
One of the two.

All I know is that in 3 and then 4 short years
I'm going to seriously miss these faces everyday.
Beyond the obvious mushy mushy love I have for them since the day they emerged from my loins,
they frankly just entertain me.

They cut each other's hair.

Though they lack any skills to really do so.

They mess around with their brothers

And they enjoy bacon.

Copious amounts of bacon. 

Empty nesters, I don't know how you do it.
I'm having anxiety already.
Must go sob into my pillow now. 


  1. You seriously CRACK ME UP.. I think you should post every single day, it might just be the one thing that gets me through the rest of this adoption.. lol.

  2. LOVED THIS!!!

    I am sad that my babes are all growing up! But pretty excited that our Abigail will be a teen soon. SHE ROCKS!!! Couldn't love her anymore!

  3. Girl I hear ya...I cried the first day of Kindergarten & Javier hadn't even turned 1 yet! LOL

  4. I know the feeling. I love them. But mine are moving out in May and August to be employed by our government. It will be a sad yet joyous time. They are looking forward to their new adventure. I'm just not so sure about it all right now. Sad mom here some days.

  5. I LOVE reading about moms (and dads) who love their teens. I've got two teens and they are so much fun!!

  6. No empty nest here!!

    That's when you go to China for family number 2!!

    I love teens too!!

    Johnny and his buddies are so entertaining!

  7. Love your post, things to look forward too! And now we will have two to look forward to in their teens. :)

  8. Micah is 3. 3! And I already had a bout of anxiety the other day thinking that he would leave home some day. Some day 15 years from now, but still some day. I don't know how parents do it!

  9. Just found your blog through linking from NHBO. I'm a mom to three great big boys (plus two bonus great big boys) and two little girls (both of whom were born in China). And I can say that boys ROCK!!! Love, love, love my boys. I love being a mom to boys and have never met a friend of my boys that I haven't really (really) liked. All those cautionary horror stories of teenage boys I just don't understand. Teenage boys get a bad rap that I will never understand. But it is hard when they leave you and go off to college (BTDT 3 times now) and they do get treated like royalty when they come home for a weekend or break (it's my right as a mom to spoil my boys!).

    And one more thing, much bigger boys make awesome brothers to little sisters! All 5 of the boys (16, 17, 19, 19 and 21) are very close with their 5 & 6 year old sisters. It makes my heart swell to 10x it's normal size to see the kindness and compassion and love between them.

    Btw, one of the hardest times I had as a mom of boys was when my Joey decided, in the 4th grade, that he didn't want to be called Joey anymore. Wow, that was really, really hard for me! Joe, not Joey, not Joseph. Just Joe.