Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our New Digs

Well, as I've mentioned
we moved this summer.

If my counting is accurate I believe this makes 9 states in nearly 14 years.

I feel like I could find Target in darn near every state in America

but I digress.

I thought I'd give you a little tour of our new abode while it's still clean 
because it always looks like this

So welcome.
Welcome to our home.


A favorite room of teenagers in our testosterhome

Entryway by the front door.
I try to get a little sumpin-sumpin from each of our bases that we are stationed at
and this was one from CA wine country.
I brought some snow back from North Dakota
but ummmm

The kitchen and dining room
and yes
that's a giant fork, knife and spoon

.....what I wouldn't give to get a pair of chopsticks that matched up there too
because seriously
that would be so funny.

Our table is ginormous.
It makes throwing rolls at the kids over dinner supah fun.

Here's the kitchen.
If you need me.
Odds are.
I'm here.

And here is what sits above our couch in the living room.
Which reminds me I totally forgot to take a picture of the living room.

Love it.
Want one?
You can get it here.

I was going to show you the upstairs but ya know
that's like 12 stairs I'd have to walk up.

So that concludes today's partial tour.
Please exit the ride to your right.

Oh wait!
Come back to the ride!

I forgot the shirts!
A few of you have asked where I got the boys shirts from yesterday's post so here ya go!

Jason ~ White 147 million orphan shirt (it says Minus 3 on the back in our case, though it's customized for you) you can get that here for a limited time
Jack ~ iPray. I got that at a Christian bookstore years ago.
Justin ~ got love? adopt. Minus 1 project, check it out here (lots of colors to choose from)
Jacob, Jordan, Joey and Joshua ~ Faith, Hope or Love, You can find them on Facebook. Just search Faith, Hope and Love Shirts (lots of colors to choose from)

All of their shirts, sans the iPray one, help either feed kids, bring clean water to kids, or help kids come home to their families.
So it's shopping with a purpose
is my favorite kind of shopping.
They are pretty cute shirts all made by some pretty incredible people. 

Now you may exit.


  1. Hi Sonia!
    I was thinging about the chopsticks for your wall and I bet a couple of bumper-pool cue sticks or kids' length pool cues would work. You could even paint them to match!!

    Love reading about your sweet boys and praying for Joseph's latest heart findings,

  2. Lovely! Still amazed at how you can keep a house with 7 male childs.... I struggle with two half-helpers and one-and-a-half male childs. Your kitchen is very organized now that you can put stuff where you want it!!

  3. The chopsticks would be SO FUNNY!!! Your house looks great!

  4. Great home! Love that big kitchen! And I ditto all the comments on the chopsticks. I'm sure you'll think of something. It's a must do!

  5. What are the dimensions of the knife, fork, & spoon. I could probably have you some made here in Korea.

  6. Hi Sonia, Loved the tour.... Hope all the boys are doing well <3