Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Globe Trotting.

What I'm learning
is that the world of families of kiddos with heart issues
is large.

There are a lot of us.
A lot
A lot of us.

And there are equally some pretty incredible organizations that exist to support these families through information sharing, networking doctors, research and sometimes
even a little fun.

We were invited to see the Globetrotters last week.

initially our "affected child and one parent" was invited to see them.

And as John and I sat on the couch that night trying to decide if we should accept and one of us should just go with Joshua and leave the rest home
or if we should get tickets on our own for the other kids
......which we quickly ruled out when looking at the prices of the tickets X 7, yikes!
we decided to think about it and we went to bed.

But God
but of course He is in the details.

And wouldn't you know I woke up that next morning to an email from the director of the organization saying that she happened to run in to Joshua's cardiologist nurse and she told director lady that we had 7 sons and how they would like to extend the invitation to our entire family.

Alrighty then.

So I responded, accepted and then shortly after John left the country.

No problem.

I got this.

We had a great time.
Great seats and an opportunity to meet and greet some of the players backstage before the game.

And it was at that point that the "suggestion" in the email invite that everyone "Go Red" for the event to support heart disease awareness....and the lack of red in my children's wardrobe became very apparent....
because then this happened:

 So stinkin funny.

Jordan made the big screen

We ran into Globey on our way out of the bathroom

which....come to think of it....Globey probably had to go to the bathroom......the world is made up of mostly water after all so homeboy homeglobe probably has to tee-tee a lot.

We checked out the court

and we had a good time.....despite the look on Justin's face.
He was being goofy.
He's really not angry at basketball....I assure you.
Now the man behind us I'm not so sure.....he may very well be angry at the game.
I dunno.

And then just after half time
this happened

and all was right with the world once again.


  1. Only you! What a wonderful time! So glad you and the kids were blessed, and delighted that sweet John made it. I love the photo of him and Joey. <333

  2. How fun! Have you ever thought about Make-a-Wish? They grant the most lovely wishes for children!

  3. YEAH! Love this, another great organization is starlight foundation! BUT please tell us where you got the boys shirts at!

  4. Love this post! The end was the best but the whole thing is awesome - and your kids' shirts brought a BIG smile to my face!!! Hope, Faith, Got Love? Adopt, etc. = Awesome! :) Yeah, and where did you get the other shirts - they are very cool! :)

  5. What a GREAT BLESSING!!!! YEA!!! So much fun :)

  6. Ahhhh- I love seeing hubby walk down the steps!!

    Ya know my daughter is marrying into the military- of course I thought of you!

    How fun for everyone!! Too cool !

    It is so amazing to see Joshua so so happy!!

    WOW! only God!