Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Things I Do

to love
and feed
and support
and nurture
the heart's
and {ever-growing} bodies
of these 7 boys.

I buy milk 3 gallons at a time.
I buy deodorant by the case.
I cook pancakes 12 at a time on two griddles simultaneously.
I make and bake two full sheets of biscuits.
{and by "make" I of course mean...remove them from their packaging and place them on the cookie sheet.....which is how normal people make biscuits. Duh.}
I double every dinner recipe.
I drive a car that perpetually smells like baseball equipment and sweat.
I sweep infield dirt off of my hardwood floors daily.
I have fully educated myself on all things athletic cup related.

And now

now this:

Welcome to March Madness
Martin family style. 

This would be our living room.

And that would be a ginormous basketball bracket. 

And you betcha,
I wouldn't have it any other way.
Game on.


  1. Oh my I definitely canNOT show that to my husband! We'd be re-decorating every room! You are such a good sport :-)

  2. That is hillarious!!!!! You so totally rock, Mama! And btw, please do not let my rambling deter you from any decision you are pondering :) :) :)

  3. Well, I have to admit, we're not into March Madness too much, but I now HAVE to get a 2nd pancake griddle! :) That would make things a bit easier around here. LOL!

  4. This made me smile! Praying for your family. I totally get the car smell thing. Ha! We hope to travel in June to get our little girl. It CAN-NOT-come-fast-enough! :)Angela

  5. Haha!! That's awesome!! Just love your family!

  6. OHMYGOSH, I love it! I make biscuits the same way also! :)

  7. I.

    Love, love, love it!

  8. I could relate to all of what you said. I too, have now graduated from making pancakes in a frying pan to 2 frying pans, to a griddle, to a griddle and 2 frying pans! Even though I only have four boys (and three girls), the smell in the van sounds familiar too! Have fun with the March Madness!!!