Thursday, May 17, 2012



apparently yesterday on the walk home from school
one of my children
whom shall remain nameless

stopped suddenly on the sidewalk
turned toward the house about 4 doors down


Dropped trow
and pee'd

I suppose Joshua just couldn't hold it anymore
and well
when you gotta go
you gotta go pee in your neighbors yard.

I gotta go bake her a pie now
Nothing says sorry my son's urine is all over your daisy's
better than pie.

What flavor do you reckon is best for this particular scenario?
Key Lime?

Right now I'm thinking lemon meringue. 

Lord help me.


  1. Too bad it wasn't mine. I would have just laughed!!! And seriously. What time do you really get up in the morning??? That must how you get everything done!!!

    1. LOL, it would have been HYSTERICAL had it been your yard. Is that wrong of me? :) And for the record...I get up at either 6:15 if I want to have my coffee in silence or 6:45 if I don't. It's a well oiled machine around here my friend. Well oiled and well pee'd upon. Of course...then there are the three baskets of laundry yet to be put away that are in my bedroom so disregard all of this.

  2. way too funny- and Ben does that too- though it might be cuz we let him pee in our backyard if he's about to burst... those darn chinese boys

  3. if God had meant for laundry to be folded right from the dryer, then there wouldn't be all sort of large laundry baskets from which to choose from.

    speaking of.. probably should buy another one with number 6 coming home...

  4. I'm just catching up with your crazy life :) You make me feel like a complete wimp!! I have jaw issues and the only way to truly fix it would be to have surgery and get my jaw wired shut. I knew I didn't want to do it I REALLY know I don't want to do it!!! Praying you have a run of a few weeks without any new drama!! :)

  5. If my China boy ever learns to close a door, it will be a miracle. You know, like those stall doors at church,in restaurants, where-evah? Maybe we are the ones that are hung-up?????

    1. My daughter has that same problem.... She should be good to go when she gets pregnant WAY in the future lol

  6. Lemon Meringue LOL Good choice! Too funny!!

  7. In an effort to prepare Maisy (who's 3) to return to China (from whence she came) to get her baby sister, I thought it might be a good idea to teach her to squat. Never having been a good squatter myself, the lessons (which took place in the backyard) usually resulted in laundry---as do most things at my house. However, the mere suggestion that one could expose one's self in broad daylight apparently thrills my kid to bits. She wants to, in her words, "squawk" everywhere!!!! Backyard. Front yard. Public rose garden. Wherever. She's still not good at it, but I just enjoy hearing her say, "Mommy, I gotta squawk it"!!
    So see, it's not because he's a boy.....!!!

  8. That's funny!!!! (I was thinking lemon meringue, too. Actually, I've been thinking lemon meringue for a couple of weeks now since we finished my first attempt. It was amazing--easy homemade crust and Lemon Meringue Pie III from with a couple of tablespoons more lemon juice than it called for. Just FYI) I thought said son was to remain nameless! Funny, though, but knew immediately which one. Seriously surprised it hasn't happened before now. 7 boys!!! We still stand amazed. Happy summer.
    Blessings and loves..

  9. See the humor in it, cause thats priceless! My first adopted son would do this on occasion too. I don'y think it was ever something that he thought of a bad thing, he just didn't culturally??? get it. It took a while. Good Luck.

  10. Oh my goodness! You crack me up every time I read your blog! This is so funny. Well, not so much for the neighbors, but.... Angie (mom to 3 boys--waiting on #4)

  11. That's is hysterical!!! Iced-tea coming out my nose funny! Made my afternoon!
    Thank golly my kids aren't the only ones.
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  12. Ha ha ha - love it - anyone with a boy has lived this - haven't they? One of mine started to pee in one of the floor samples toilet's at Home Depot once. Thank goodness my mother stopped him before I could never step foot in that store again.

  13. LOL Your blog makes me giggle everytime I read it.

  14. bahahahahahaha. trust me when i say it doesn't just happen in the neighborhood. it happens at tractor shows, parades, church I hear :)

  15. If only you lived in Israel -- that would be the norm. No pie necessary. Not even a look of shame.

  16. I am in Russia right now--we're on our final trip to adopt our daughter and bring her home! And see, I have your blog bookmarked on my computer at home, not my laptop, which is what I brought with me! I've been frantically typing in all combinations of hishandshisfeet addresses to no avail. FINALLY I remembered something about cheaperbythe and found you! Ahhh...all is well now. Because I really need to laugh about boys peeing in yards and pureed spaghetti. I need it. So glad I found you again. :o)