Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Week.

A Week in Review.

One more week down for this one...or what's left of him that is.

He's down a total of 12 pounds so far....
but we still aren't talking about that.

The twins turned 10.
What. The. Heck.

I miss those babies that would snuggle up with one another whenever they could.

I love those two.

We rented a video game trailer for their party.

Supah fantastic.
There are something like 14 children in there and I am happily chit chatting on the porch above letting the people that run it - and have a clue about video games because I do not - handle it.

Nobody broke anything this week.
That's big.
No arms, no more jaws, not even a pinkie toe,  no thing.
Call me crazy...but I call that a great week.

Joshua got sent to the stairs for a time out for sumthin or other.
Jordan joined him.
For no particular purpose.

Sympathy time out I guess.

And no, we don't make him sit with his head in his hands...he does that by himself.
Bless him.

Justin competed in a battle of the book competition and his team ended up with 2nd place.

Well....as far as my mental tabulation could accurately tabulate....it was 2nd.
They award 1st place and don't tell the rest what place they got.

And if anyone can tell me why I tend to raise my eyebrows and look like a total tool every time I take a self photog with any of my children, let me know. I'm all ears.
What drives me to do this?
Wrinkle minimilization perhaps?
I dunno.

This happened on Mother's Day:

Of his own accord.
It happened so fast I made him come back so I could adequately capture the moment.

Ahhhh so nice.
And justsoyaknow,  in the spirit of honesty.... he didn't actually do the laundry.....but the man child at least brought it downstairs without being asked.
Of course it was 8:14 pm.....on Sunday....and he was out of clean uniforms for the upcoming week.....so I suspect he had ulterior motives.....but I choose not to think on that. :) 

Found out that Jacob's plastic surgeon/oral surgeon team are booked for bone grafts for a little over a year.
This means we are going to miss that all important "window" for the graft in regards to their canine teeth making their appearance.

Any cleft parents out there have any wisdom? How important is this window? Will the graft still take? Should I find another surgeon to get it done in the window? Help!

And no....we are not adopting sweet Bo.

Sniff-sob-ugly cry-ugly cry
I was merely introducing him to an incredible family that I know that I know that I know would love that boy to pieces and give him the help, the family and the future that he needs.

Precious Alea still doesn't have a family.

Which keeps me up at night
and makes me wish my husband would spontaneously look up at me from the dining room table and say, "Hey babe, I think we should go get that girl."

.....gotta go.
I'm turning blue from lack of oxygen.


  1. Nothing broken does = a great week. I'd love to bring Alea home, too. But where is her info on her orphanage's blog??? Praying and advocating for that sweet girl as we've found a hospital not too far away that wants to view her file!!!!!

  2. Wow on the video trailer! I might just have to move to your state for that little party goodie!

    As for the cleft surgery--have them put you on the wait list--as long as you are willing to go short notice, you will probably get in sooner--if a child gets sick they can't have surgery and then you can nab the spot. Just keep calling and asking and they will get tired of you :-)

    Praying for all the little ones.

  3. Okay...that's a busy week. I'm not sure about the timing of the bone graft. I do know that Jadon's tooth came in about 2 months after the surgery and looks wonderful...pretty amazing.

  4. Funny! I know that black and blue feeling all too well. My hubby finally did say those words to me though and our girl is comin' home soon!!! Pray!

  5. My younger son is a cleft kid. He is 11 right now and has had 7 surgeries so far (adopted from UA at 4 months) He currently has braces and has lost most of his baby teeth. We are being told they won't do his bone graft for a while yet because they want to widen his palate first to make room for it. So, I don't think we are looking at the bone graft till age 12. No one has ever mentioned a magic window for getting it done. I don't think I'd stress to much about it but I would ask about a wait list.