Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Little Known Fact About Me

is that when I was little
I envied
like envied envied
my brother's ear infection medicine.

Hey brotha!

He had ear infections all. the. time. could have only been once or twice
but in my childhood cerebellum I recall it being

And all. the. time.
he got to have the yummy bubble gum medicine.

And I?
I got nuthin.
nothin except for what I could lick out of the cap when no one was looking. 

I'm pretty sure that I should seek out some therapy or something to help me deal with this.

But that's for another day.

Enter the year 2012.

Jason breaks his jaw
and we are at the commissary last week filling our cart with all things liquid and blendable.

He's kinda just throwing things in left and right
and I'm totally letting him
cuz ya know
I feel bad for him.

I was pretty amped up the first week or so after the accident,
obsessively analyzing what he was eating.....errrr drinking....errrr dreating?....
and how I could make it fatter or increase his caloric intake
but then as he continued to lose weight anyway I now feed him what I can and he fills in with whatever liquids taste good
and we realize life will go on and he will gain it back soon enough.

Last night I was a hankerin for a cold drink
saw this in the fridge


realized it was low calorie
and thought I should probably pay more attention next time to what he is putting in the cart
cuz ya know
"slenderize" isn't quite what we are going for here.

But I digress
I took a sip

can you believe it?
It tastes exactly like the bubblegum medicine of the 80's!

It was as if my taste buds in that moment were rocketed back to the days of neon, banana clips and leg-warmers and were belting out Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 

So if you
like me
somehow had a thing for bubble gum medicine back in the day.

Cry yourself to sleep no more
and go getcha some of this.

Your welcome.

Oh, and if your not like me
find this weird
and question my mental stability as it relates to drinking things that taste like bubble gum
your still welcome.

Cuz it's that good. 


  1. He he he.....oh dear. I find you weird, but in a FUN and GREAT WAY!! :)

  2. I'm with you! When my kids are the pink meds, I secretly lick out their measuring cups when no one is looking. But, alas, my kiddos aren't sick often. I think I've only been able to do it for the 7 days Joy was on her meds last month.

  3. I think the pink medicine is disgusting. Thanks for the heads up, will not be buying that drink in the store anytime soon!


  4. Bwahahaha! You're cracking me up! :)

  5. Six weeks of cooking for you and giving the recipes, and now I find you like to drink something that tastes like bubblegum medicine????? I got nauseous just reading about it. Really, girl? Really????? Do I need to come down there and do it all over again???
    P.S. That crack in the lower jaw looked awful.

  6. Heeheee, I'm right there with you - that and the orange flavoring of - was it aspirin?!?!

  7. Too funny! I love the pink stuff. And I was TOTALLY jealous of my brother because he got to have his tonsils out. Lucky duck!

  8. Ommagoodness! This is so hilarious. No, I didn't love bubble gum medicine, but I loved me some banana clips. And I can't find them anywhere. Probably one of the best hair do-hickeys from the 80's and no one makes them anymore. I really want one again. And that is my rant for banana clips, but I am also happy for your weird self that you found your bubblegum antibiotic flavored drink. haha!! :)

  9. Gracious, Girl! I just have to tell you that
    Your writing brings such joy to my life.

  10. Thanks for the smiles and giggles...:)

  11. Ewww! I was the kid w/ tonsilitis and got plenty of the stuff. You go right ahead and have your drink, I will not be standing in line for it.