Thursday, May 3, 2012



Being bedside for 20 days with a child who just had open heart surgery was easier than this.


Maybe not.
But dude.
It's like nearly a tie at least.

This jaw wired shut stuff is kicking my butt.

I feel like at least with Joshua there was a team of PICU nurses that were taking constant care of him,
with Jason I feel like they wired it shut,
handed us a pair of wire cutters,
and said g'bye.
All the while assuming that I had the know how and where with all to keep the child alive for the next 6 weeks.
"If he vomits he will aspirate into his lungs so be sure you can clip the wires in time and call 911."
they said.

Which way to the lobby?

I'm pretty sure they have vastly over estimated my abilities.

It shouldn't be that hard right?
And blend.
And blend.

I got the drink down.
But the blend....
I'm working on it.

We tried spaghetti last night and by the time it was over I was nearly in tears of frustration.
Too thick,
add chicken broth
too thick,
add chicken broth
too thick
add chicken broth
add chicken broth
add chicken broth
thin enough to fit through the syringe!
Oh but wait...
too starchy and it covers all of the hardware in his mouth like glue.
So I got the head shake no on that one.
....after about 25 minutes of effort.


I feel so bad for him.

He is taking it like a rock star.
am a big fat baby.
A smiling encouraging baby in front of him
and a sobbing big baby mess when out of his view.

Our kitchen and fridge has turned into the liquid aisle of the commissary.

And today my cart found it's way to the baby aisle looking for sustenance.
I found some.

and then I started lactating.
Weird. I know.

In addition to Jason's issues, braces found our way onto our cleft kiddo today.

I think they are in a race to see who can have the most hardware in their mouth.
Right now they are neck in neck.
Palate expander.
Metal rods going this way and that. 

I sincerely hope our family isn't required to pass through a metal detector anytime soon.

I thought about going on an all liquid diet to show my support and solidarity for them.
But here's the problem:

I don't wanna.

So instead I'll continue to lock myself in the laundry room when they aren't looking and eat.
Don't judge.
Momma needs her steak.

Thank you for all of your comments and recipes suggestions! I have printed each of them off and will be trying them all over the coming days! I am so grateful for your help!

PS Any idea on what I did wrong with the spaghetti? Is it normal to come out like glue? Am I way off on my chicken broth to spaghetti ratio?
Help me Rhonda.
{Oh, and even if your name isn't Rhonda you can still help me. The Beach Boys said so.}

PPS: My monthly blog post is up on NHBO if you wanna check it out. You can find it right here.

PPPS: That is all.


  1. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

    Wish I had some words of wisdom about the spaghetti.....even if I did, you probably wouldn't want them.
    Cuz that spaghetti you described, sounds like mine without the blender. ha!
    On a normal, regular, no one has their mouth wired shut kind of a day!

    But I will offer up prayer for all of you!


  2. Bless your heart! The spaghetti thing probably had to do with the starches developing more and more gluten each time it was blended. You might try the food processor with noodles and meat sauce only to get it fine, then add the liquid and blend just for a few seconds. (You will probably have that same issue with mashed potatoes, so just add milk and mix by hand.) Barbara's husband VOLUNTARILY had his jaw broken a couple of months ago (don't ask!)and she found that Muscle Milk was a good option. Soupy cheese grits????
    Praying the first half of summer zooms by...

  3. RE the spaghetti - maybe you could use couscous instead of spaghetti. Do you know what couscous is? Little tiny beads of pasta, that when cooked, are no bigger than about....umm....5 couscous things equal a grain of uncooked rice? So - little. :) OH! I just read Donna O's comment right above me. Couscous is about like grits.

    Anyhow, I think the spaghetti and broth, if pulsed enough -- that's kind of gonna make runny bread dough because spaghetti is basically flour, right? So if you start with something really little, like couscous, maybe you'd only have to pulse your blender once or twice and it would work. Or if the couscous is in a really thin liquidy sauce, and you had wide straws (like from McD's or Starbucks), then Jason could just slurp it on in.

    Couscous is in the commissary, on the rice aisle, in a small white box, with the other "fancy rices in boxes" - even though it isn't a rice. This is what the commissary sells:


  4. wow. I feel so badly for your son! And you! Part of the problem "could" be your blender. We have a Vita Mix. It is a crazy high powered blender. It can blend anything into a smooth and silky substance. Also, try googling Dr.Oz. He has some really good recipes for blended smoothies and shakes. For added calories to a smoothie, you can add things like honey, brown sugar, tofu, sweet potatoes, fruit juices, ice cream, half and half, peanut butter. Prayers for you and your family!

  5. Believe me, I do feel your pain after just having been through this with my hubby. The food processor works better than the blender unless you are doing a smoothie. It will get better but it is a long, hard road and I would not wish it on anyone. So sorry you and Jason are going through this. I will continue to pray!

  6. Try muscle yummy & lots of protein!

  7. Seriously? A palate expander? I had two of those going on at once. I looked at them and said, "Who's going to turn the thingy?" If I'd known what I had to do before those things were cemented in, I wouldn't have allowed it, no way no how. But we survived. And you will too! Because you are a good woman. :)

  8. I have NO idea why I didn't think of this earlier. An amazing baby food brand called "Sprout" it tastes AMAZING and I kid you not! Costs more than Gerber but tastes a whole lot better! Some of the "meaty" ones can be a tad bit bland but should go down nicely. Hmm...actually, I might have a case I could send you if you want to try it?

  9. Sonia, Dude, you need the MAGIC BULLET!!!! It won't cure your kiddo any faster and it probably isn't any more special than any other regular blender---but, dang, I do so love that infomercial!!!
    Try thinning the spaghetti with tomato juice or V8. The acid in the juice will probably keep the starch from getting gluey. I'm not going to drink a spaghetti smoothie just to find out though.
    Consider, what would Lucy and Ethel do....?
    Praying for you!

  10. I have been a lurker for a long time. When I was a kid my sister got her jaw broke with a softball, she was wired for months. I remember my mom trying everything she could think of in the blender and through a straw. AAAHHHHH!!! we all tried for block out those days but your post has brought me back. Honestly, somethings aren't meant to be eaten that way... spaghetti?!?!? mom didn't try that. I know my sis ate a lot of milk shakes with extras added in. Mom added avadacos to about everything. She also read a homemade baby food cookbook and created things from that. I feel for you (and your son!)
    Good Luck!!!!

  11. I have no wisdom for you at all, but just praying for you!!!!

  12. I'm so sorry! I'm thinking, though, that spaghetti maybe shouldn't be just doesn't sound good. And I know that I said it before, but if you can get a VitaMix, it would be sooooo worth it!

    Praying for you!

  13. Keep it simple and high calorie. Root beer floats with added half and half, blended, was my 7 year old grand son's favorite when he broke his jaw. (He was a picky eater then). Don't worry about nutrition for six weeks.

  14. Check it out

  15. Oh dear Sonia - I so wish I could be there to somehow be some kind of help - you amaze me with your sense of humor about it all - sending so much love and prayer your way

  16. I love that you lactated! You crack me up in all your posts, even these crazy and frightening ones. I'm so thankful for your sense of humor. I keep praying for you guys.

  17. We are doing the palate expander too for my oldest. I can't take turning the little key. It's awful.