Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She's in the Hospital

And she's ready.
Pre-op testing done.

Just waiting on a liver



Grab an envelope here. 
If everyone took one no one would give more than $500 and her surgery would be fully funded.

There is HOPE for Alea. 


  1. I prayed for her this morning. With God all things are possible!

  2. How can I get the word out for her? Is there a way to post her picture on my own blog?

    1. Hey Katie! Yep! You can copy the pic I have here or click on the blue hyperlink's in this post and it will take you to the Hope for Alea website. I would just always be sure to link a post back to that site or the New Day site so that people can get more information and find a way to help/donate to her care. Hope things are well with you guys! I noticed Miles isn't listed as pending anymore on GW's site??!! Everything ok?!

  3. Awesome! I will repost this tomorrow on my site. We have our official approval from China for him so I really have no idea why Miles is still listed since he's not available to anyone else at this point. Maybe they just forgot to take him down?

  4. Sonia-

    I just want to say thank you for advocating for Alea on your blog. It's made a HUGE difference! Blogger says that 1/3 of our traffic to the Hope for Alea site is coming from YOUR BLOG! Thank you! I'm moved by your love and compassion for her.....thank you for continuing to advocate for her, and for these other kiddos as well. I've never had the pleasure of visiting your blog before, but you can be sure this visit won't be my last.

    I WROTE the "Alea Needs a Family" post on the Hope for Alea blog, and when I read YOUR post here about the same thing, I thought....YES....maybe I should adopt Miss Alea! :)

    Just because I know this informaiton will mean a lot to you: we have SEVERAL fmailies who are interested in pursuing Alea. At this point, I think it is a race to see who will get her file first ! :) That's the best kind of race there is!!! Can't wait to see what God does!

    Thank you!

  5. Jenna, YES you should adopt Alea! I have been thinking that ever since I read about it. I thought you already were adopting her since your love for her is so strong! Get the file, get the file, get the file!!! :)

  6. As one of the blessed who gets to hold and love on little Alea... THANK YOU for advocating for her!