Monday, December 3, 2012

In Which I Say Thank You & Blog Again

Thank you.

No really,

I was hoping that my last post would be taken in the spirit it was intended.
Not in a, "Let's all talk about how awful things are at the moment"
but in a
"Yep, it was a rough transition but we press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. Phillipians 3:14."
type of way
and we live
and we love
and the joy is there once again
and you will get there too.

And you heard the intent of my heart.
And you did.
And you helped.
And you loved.
And you made a difference.

And after reading all the comments and emails I  now know a few things for certain:
  1. Adoptive families amaze me. 
  2. I will forever appreciate being able to pee alone. 
I had no idea this was such a widespread problem. To all the ladies with company in the bathroom......I salute you. You are my hero. 

I have a whole update on us post ready to go but alas
no photos. 
Well, no photos until I can figure out my email password and then figure out how to change it on my phone upon which all my pictures are because I have no stinkin idea how to get pictures off my phone without emailing them to myself and then saving them on the computer which is ridiculous and I'm sure there is an easy way to do that but I don't know what it is but I what I do know is that this sentence is driving my homeschool mama friend kah-razy cuz it's like....ya know....real long and stuff and I should use better grammar.


That was a lot to say. 

So for now, I just pop over to tell you that today I finally dug myself out of the mess that is 7 boys on Thanksgiving vacation for a week.
Ohmygoodness the mess.


People ask me how I have 7 boys and keep it somewhat together. {which makes me laugh....cuz they SO haven't seen the nastiness that is our bathrooms, or the kitchen sometimes, or...well....never mind.}
What I do say after composing myself and stifling laughter is it's because they are all in school all day which gives me 6 hours to reset everything.
This plan does not
I repeat
does not 
work when they are home day after day.
Toward the end of vacation I thought for sure these ladies were going to ring my doorbell:

And then all of you would see me on TV and find out how messy it is.
And realize I don't have it all together.
And then you'd stop reading my blog on account of me living in a pig sty and all.
And then I'd be sad.
But then I'd get me a pair of those ladies cleaning gloves and feel a little bit better about myself.
But then I'd be sad again.
Cuz glove happiness, no matter how cute, is fleeting.

But ya know.
Crisis averted.
I dug myself out of the deep, deep laundry void that had been created and alas it feels like a home again.

So to recap:
Cleaning: Check
Homework: Check
On our way to the teens basketball game: Check
Fed the youngest 5:

I knew I was forgetting something.

Massive update coming your way ya soon as I figure out that whole get pictures off my phone thing.


  1. What kind of phone do you have? I'm 18 years old and pretty good with phones/computers (: maybe i can help you ~

  2. Missed your last post....but man oh man......HAVE BEEN THERE....MANY TIMES!!! And it stinketh- badly!!!! Like the rancid diaper I can smell with a stuffed up nose right now, only WORSE. Praying for her!!!!!

    As far as the mess......Yea, it's bad.....and we home school. So it only gets worse! Good thing our Social Worker isn't stressed ;).

  3. Heehee I am so there with wanting fun gloves, and forgetting dinner ugh!

  4. I am so sorry I didn't get to contribute to that link up. I just happened to be catching up that day and knew I had one to post, but got interrupted and haven't stopped since. What a sweet thing to do for a friend and boy was that me when we first came home with Lily and still today with Judah. Although, I will admit that since coming home with a boy my life looks completely different and I can't keep up with blogging to same my life. :/ One day I would like to chat with you again as we did in the old days. And P.S. I just read your more recent update and may I mention I am jealous of your Broadway trip (sigh). ;) So glad you had fun! And congrats on the baptism and mission trip, I know you are proud! :)