Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Is Quickly Becoming My Favorite Photo

Remember this? 
The plea.
The heartbreak.
The wondering who?

And now? 
Now he is forever wrapped up in her arms.


Kiddo has some major surgery headed his way in the coming weeks.
You can follow his journey right here. 

And as an aside....would it be wrong of me to print this out and put it on my fridge?
Is that weird?
Ok. That's probably weird.
But heavens to Betsy that look of pure joy on his face just makes me smile.


  1. Praying for this precious boy and his mama. Today is our One Year Gotcha Day for our beautiful daughter Mia. Thanks be to God!!

  2. Love it!!! That is such an awesome picture! His face really does radiate joy!!! Praying for him!!!

  3. Doesn't sound weird to me! That is AWESOME!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

  4. I would LOVE to be on your maybe THAT sounds weird :) THANK YOU for helping us find our son...we are SO BLESSED!!!

  5. Count me in on LOVIN' THAT PHOTO!!! Sister Sandy, I'll put you on my fridge any day!!!!
    Patrick's Mom

  6. LOVE this!! Yes, put it on the fridge. :) I'm gonna put it in a frame in Simon's room!!! Great idea.