Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Missing Family


I am on my knees before the Lord asking Him to reveal who may be the family for these two sweet boys. They had been told over a year ago that they had a family coming for them and that they would be forever brothers. That is no longer the case and they have no one coming for them....nor do they know this yet......

I cannot, cannot, cannot, even begin to imagine the heartbreak when they find out. 

"Percy" is 10, "Edward" is 12

These two precious kids were/are still in the same group foster home that Jacob and Joey were in. I pulled up their picture the other day and asked the boys about them and it turns out that the one in the red is Jacob's best friend.


They shared a bed for years.
Jacob and Joey had a lot to say about them, namely how nice they both were. As you can imagine in a group home setting they do not remember everyone there as "nice", but these two definitely were.
I met these boys while we were in China.
I had lunch with these boys.
I played with these boys.


According to Jacob, "Percy" likes to play Lego's and cries sometimes at night because he is scared.

Jacob is extraordinarily gifted at making things out paper, has been since we adopted him. And it turns out that the boy in the yellow is the one that taught him. According to my boys "Edward" is sweet and helpful to the other children.


Oh sweet Jesus make a way. 

The agency that they are with has agreed to waive ALL agency fees to make it easier for a family to be able to commit to them.
All. Agency. Fees.
This is huge. 

Beyond that there are some other efforts to help further offset the financial cost of their adoption.
A FB page has been created to help raise money to help an adoptive family for them.
You can find that group here: 

Further, you can purchase this gorgeous necklace for a donation of $10 or more and all proceeds will go directly into their specific fund.

If you have other items you would like to donate or if you would like to purchase a necklace please email Katie at

Lastly, here is a link to a video from another adoptive family that adopted a son out of that same group foster home. You can catch a glimpse of the boys in the foster home in this video. 

Click here for the video
The opening of the video is the SWI that oversees that foster home and the boys in the beginning are some of the one's that have already been adopted out. Halfway through it will switch to the foster home where you can see glimpses of them. 
Above all, please be in prayer for these boys. They have a lot of heartache headed their way and my prayer is that their story will not end there. There is redemption in store for these boys. 

Could you be part of it? 

If you would like more information on these boys you can email me at


  1. Praying these boys home to a forever family! Thanks for sharing and thanks for your broken heart for the orphans.

  2. So hope these two find their way home soon, will be praying for them!!