Thursday, December 20, 2012


Gracious you guys.

My heart is bursting.

Faithful, faithful God.

Do you remember this kiddo? 

He had a family.
And then he didn't.

He had another family.
And then he didn't. 

And then he had a family yet again.
And then he didn't when the social worker and home study agency involved have a policy of no dual adoptions. Period. End of sentence.

So the family went to China.
Adopted their daughter they already had LOA for. 
And had to leave him behind.


And now they are home.
And now this incredible family is racing to get back to China in time to call this sweet boy their son and get him the cardiac intervention he so desperately needs.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Patrick. 
Soon to be orphan no more but treasured son.

The picture above was taken last year.
Now look at this picture taken just a month ago.

Can you see the difference?


He's growing right on up to a handsome young man!
But what he's also doing is becoming increasing cyanotic.
See how his hands in the picture below look almost dirty?
They aren't dirty.
They are blue.

I remember the night Joshua landed at the airport and we arrived into the PICU 2 hours later and as I was getting him ready for bed I noticed his hands, thought they were filthy from the plane and brought him over to the sink to wash them. 
Ummmm no.
They weren't dirty.
They were blue.

This kiddo needs a home.
And he needs a home quite quickly.
Enter the body of Christ.
They need our help.
They don't "kinda" need our help.
They need our help. 
And they need it quickly.

Want to read this families story?
Go here. 

Want to be a part of this sweet boys life and help bring him home?
Go here. 

Want to pray that the Lord will protect his heart and his health until they can get to him.
Get on your knees.

He needs us folks.
They need us to rally around them and bring him home.
Let's do this.
It's go time. 


  1. Sonia,
    I simply have no words. As I sit here typing, tears running down my face, I realize how dependent I am on the Lord for Patrick's life. But, even if I knew there was no hope that he would be healed this side of Glory---Still, I would go to carry him home. For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded, that HE is able to keep that which I've committed unto Him against that day. Thank you, Jesus, for the Body of believers, for my sweet friend Sonia, and for Patrick, my son.

  2. That's the one Kaitlin asked daddy if we could have.

  3. LOI was filed on Christmas Eve and then we got Pre-Approval, today!!!! Only 3 days later! We are racing time to bring him home and WE NEED the Body of Christ to help us do that. I know it's after Christmas and everyone has bills to pay and trees to take down, but, if you could help my son out of love for God's son, you would be giving the greatest gift of all---Life!

  4. It's the third musketeers!!! My son loves this one, his pal, and my heart is full that they all have families now!