Sunday, April 19, 2015

Annnnd back to Shanghai

My third trip to China but by far my most involved as far as the number of places and the amount of travel in between.

At this point we have taken the 15 hour flight to Shanghai.
Taken the one hour train to Hangzhou.
Taken the train back to Shanghai.
And trained to Beijing(5 hours)....all in 4 days.

When we came back from Hangzhou we spent a little bit of time walking around the ancient city.
People everywhere.
So. Many. People.
Loved. Every. Minute.

I'm not sure you can see me in this picture.....
but it demonstrates the amount of humanity that was there with us that day.
I'm the one with the backpack. Just wanted to clear that up. 

And then there was the food smells wafting through the air.
Trip 1 to China I was mildly freaked out by the food.
I remember trying to decide if the orange juice was safe to drink that first morning.
Oh how the tide has turned. 
I would have completely eaten any of the deliciousness that the vendors were selling if not for the 42 omelets I had eaten at the breakfast buffet.

Speaking of breakfast....
I grabbed one of these.

It looked innocent enough.
It was fried....which.....come on....
Just yes.
And it was right next to the spring rolls, which gave it an immense amount of street cred in my book.
So I dug my fork in to take a bite......
And this popped out.

A ventricle of some sort.
Alrighty then. 
Breakfast over.
I apparently still have some standards left. 

Mmmmm Pig Bag Soup.
My fav.

There was of course also the option of a duck at 6am with my coffee.
Which sounded oddly delicious.
I'm pretty sure duck with your morning coffee is going to catch on in the US.

And then there was the shopping.
Which I have no words for.
So I'll just show you a couple of pictures and leave it at that.

Ok then.
Moving on.....


  1. Oh my goodness! Too funny! Love the ventricle that popped out. I miss China!

  2. What's even more interesting is that the Chinese on those pouches is actually...not much better than the English. The first means "loser" and the second means "husband offering. As in sacrifice.... Let's assume this must have been the Chinese equivalent of the odd subculture shops in the US.

  3. Oh my gosh... LMAO! A ventricle popped out. I sooooo wish I was traveling with you! You are a pig bag of funny! ~ Sarah

  4. Actually it was a bit of squid or octopus tentacle (somewhat less revolting) :)

  5. Sonia...everytime I check your blog here,i burst out
    laughing with that "ventricle popping out".
    My apt. friends, who we share a computer room
    with, are always asking why i laugh so much...
    I just have to share that blog article with them.
    "alrighty then, breakfast over!".....Thank you so
    much for your amazing writing skills...Hope all
    is well with the boys...bless you all.