Saturday, April 18, 2015

I'm a Big Girl Now

Or something like that.

After breakfast with these two

And being driven to the airport by this giant one

And Facetiming my wittlebitties

And an afternoon of buckets of tears in the airport bathroom
And after texting Lori this to see if I still had to go:

I got it together
And I gots on da plane.

It was supah spacious......

That's me in my silver flats stretched across all 3 seats and that's Anna Bates hanging out with me in Downton so that I could....ya know.....pretend to be on the ground in Yorkshire and run errands for the Dowedger Countess in Rippon. Thanks Anna. You're such a friend.

It was a pretty smooth flight right up to the point that we made a very rapid descent for what the pilot called a "little bit of saturation" approaching DFW......which I'm pretty sure means to avoid an immense amount of planes colliding into one another. But I liked his way of describing it better.
A whole lot better.
We flew up and down in a circle or 5 vectoring in and out of airspace as planes crisscrossed below and above us which was only mildly unsettling to me.

At one point the pilot, who was from New Orleans, encouraged everyone to look out the window because he wanted to show us the coastal erosion in the Mississippi delta.
And he was all like educational
And I was all like eyes shut, window shade down.

I got off the plane in Dallas, looked at Lori and said
I must really love you.

So we are here for the night, fly out to the mother land tomorrow morning.
1 flight down, 4 to go till home. Whoop.

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