Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Ran Into A Wall

A big, big wall.
Apparently in Beijing there is a rather large landmark that is somewhat popular.
I can't quite remember the name of it,
but it looks like this
The Big Wall?
The Rather Large and Lenghty Wall?
The Winding Fortress Wall?
The My Glutes are Burning Climbing This Thing Wall?
I dunno.

It was pretty great though.
We took a questionably safe ski lift to the top of one section.
I may or may not have pee'd my pants in fear on the way up.....
you'll never know...
I admit nothing.

And took a sled down to the bottom.

Which was off the chain f.u.n.
Highly, HIGHLY recommend.

It was pretty profound to stand there and remember how many hands built this wall under the tyranny of slavery and imprisonment and how many lost their lives doing so. The wall was built by soldiers, common people....who were "invited" to participate in the building and criminals.
Brick by brick.
Hand by hand.
The sheer magnitude is overwhelming.

And in case you were curious,
there are panda hat/mitten combinations that are available at the wall.
Historical scholars are divided as to whether or not these furry panda ensemble's were available during the actual building but they are there now.
And when it's wicked cold when you arrive, they are your friends.
Your warm, furry and fashionable $5 friends. 

And then of course there are also these lovely pieces of artwork.

Come on.
Are just plain fantastic.
I can't tell you the regret that I am living with having not purchased one.
No seriously.
My birthday is in like 4 months......just sayin.

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