Friday, May 13, 2011

8:15am This Morning

my doorbell rang.

Yesterday our moving company called asking if they could come by tomorrow and do a "pre-move survey."
Which is basically just a walk through of your house to see what junk stuff you have so that they know what packing materials to bring with them on moving day.

Sure, I said.
No problem.
I'll be here.
Come on ovah.

And then

So come 8:15am this morning my doorbell rang.
And I.....
I wasn't what you would call

Pajama pants
and a tank top with no br......ahem....northern undergarment
does not an outfit make.

Worse yet.
My house.


Is not currently what I would call
put together.

That old addage that you have to make a mess to clean a mess is
Very, very true.
And seeing how the contents of near every closet and nook and cranny of this house has been dragged out into the open the last few days as I begin to organize for this move
made my house
Like ugly, ugly.

I don't think my attempts to pretend as though I wasn't standing there inadequately dressed whilst trying to kick the kids underwear under the bed and out of her view worked.

I don't think it worked at'all.

In fact I'm pretty sure they may show up with trash bags instead of moving boxes.
And say, "Lady, look. There is nothing we can really do here. We are happy to gather this all up and throw it in the back of our pickup but that's all we can manage." 


I have to go now and find my dignity.....I know I left it around here somewhere.....maybe it's under the bed.

Your sympathy is appreciated.


  1. oh goodness! 1. 8:15 dannng thats early! lol 2. i know how moving goes. I"ve moved from a house, to a rental house, to the new house. cleaning was terrible. Especially when they wanted to come look at the house with only a 30 minute notice. So you gotta scramble to clean up the clothes all over the floor, make the rooms look presentable. Good luck with moving! It becomes more fun once your moved in~ (:

  2. Sympathy sent!!! I'm sure they've seen worse, though!

  3. Oh my word! Yup, lots o sympathy! :)

  4. LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!!
    That is hysterical...only because I could SO see that happening to me! You are probably right...they probably left thinking they need to start looking for a new job...quick!! lol...

  5. Haha- yes, it's under the bed with the boys underwear!

    My goodness- you make me feel much better about... well... everything!

    Oops, I mean - don't worry about it, I am sure they understood!

    And if they have any extra trash bags- just send em to my house!!

    Now - go get dressed!

  6. Ha ha ha ... what a way to start my day. :) Hugs to you my friend.

  7. Sonia, your posts always make me laugh...well, except when they're not supposed to be funny. I enjoy reading your blog and love seeing pics. of those 6 amazing boys of yours!

  8. Hugs! BIG hugs! Sending a bit of dignity your way! Not fun. But also not people you have to ever see again after you move. Good luck with the move! It's definitely PCS time - it seems many of my friends are in the midst of it and we're going house hunting this coming week! ;)

  9. Next time just ask for a couple minutes and leave them at the door so as to correct the "northern undergarment" problem. The rest is no big deal. Trust me, they have seen lots worse. Plus this way they won't underestimate what stuff you have. We ALWAYS have more stuff than they estimate. I have wondered many times if I should pull everything out so they can see clearly how much we really have. (Not that any one family should have sooooo much!) Relax and you will be fine. Breathe in...breathe out...